Dear Salem and Roanoke, Wait, What?

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While we were all on vacation relaxing, being lazy, and taking our break away from school, Salem and Roanoke were experiencing vast changes. New restaurants, shops, and startups have popped up all over our community and are now open for our business needs and wants today. Craving something? Well, thanks to the business owners of our favorite stores, we can go there at just about any time and feed our cravings.

Businesses can bring multiple benefits to a community. They are places to spend money, work, venues to visit, opportunities for local tax revenue, and many, many other assets communities want and need! It takes a lot of preparation and work to start up a new business and to be successful. If you decide to start up a new business, you will need to keep in mind the tasks business owners take on and all the work involved with owning and caring for your new business. With the simple steps of brainstorming, gathering resources, and setting future goals, just to name a few, we now have startups feeding our needs, wants, and cravings.

If you own a business or venue, you may find out small details can go a long way. For instance, from the basic tasks of cleaning the venue, customers will be paying attention to how well it’s done, or even if it is done! The truth of the matter is, even the smallest of details can make or break your business.

Some of the newest businesses in Salem and Roanoke include:

  • Olde Salem Brewing Company
  • White Oak Tea Tavern
  • Champloo
  • Mellow Mushroom
  • Escape Key (Salem)
  • Deciphered Roanoke
  • Riddle Me Roanoke
  • Blue Cow Ice Cream
  • Vintage Vault
  • Here’s the Scoop
  • Zoe’s Kitchen (Towers)
  • Kelly Cafe

Other than opening startups, Salem and Roanoke unfortunately have also seen some businesses close up shop. Although this can be a sad period of time for customers and workers in our community, we have to remember to focus on the bright side… in most cases, a new business will take the venue of an old! It is hard for business owners to decide to close their doors, but they are the people who have to make the best decisions for their shops, and workers.

Some businesses we’ve seen close in Salem and Roanoke include:

  • The Limited (Valley View)
  • Givens Books
  • Glazed Bisque-It (Moved)
  • Countryside Classics
  • BTO Frozen Yogurt
  • Annie Moore’s
  • Kmart (Salem & Electric Road Locations)
  • Now, Then and Again (Salem Location)
  • The Brown Hen
  • Ridenhour Music Store
  • Radio Shack


Our community is definitely lucky to be able to enjoy new businesses that take the places of the old. Although it is sad to watch older businesses “pull the plug,” we have to look forward to what will take their place and extend our community. Many other businesses will pop up during this coming school year, and in years to come. As new businesses open, it is brought to the public’s attention with location, signage, advertising and because new businesses equal new job openings.

Behind all the chaos of new, old, and closing businesses, our community is changing and becoming more modern all the time. As our community changes, it also grows bringing more people to the small communities of Salem and Roanoke.


Dear Salem and Roanoke,

Wait, what?

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Dear Salem and Roanoke, Wait, What?