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All of our life we’ve heard that Bill Gates was the richest man in the world. But according to CBS news, the CEO of Amazon is now the richest person. Jeff Bezos surpassed Bill gates in July of 2017. Jeff Bezos has a net worth close to 100 billion dollars. That’s a lot!

Why isn’t Bill Gates the richest person anymore? Microsoft still makes a good amount of money. The reason is because Bill Gates donates a huge portion of the money he makes to countries in poverty. He also donates a large portion of his money to charities. Bill Gates is trying to get rid of all his money before he dies. Of course he will leave money for his kids though.  Bill Gates is a good man for donating all of his money before he dies. He is helping other countries build their empire so they can to help their citizens. That is the main reason he isn’t the richest person anymore.

How did Jeff Bezos get so much money to surpass Bill Gates? Since Amazon introduced AmazonFresh, they have made more money. Jeff Bezos has 17 percent of that. So that money adds up when people buy a lot of their groceries from AmazonFresh. However, Jeff Bezos does have a organization that helps support youth education around the world. So he does not keep all the money for himself.

Mr. Bezos hasn’t gotten all of this money from Amazon. In 2013, Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post for a whopping 230 million dollars! From his purchase in 2013 to 2018, he has earned a lot of money. He actually worked in Wall Street. Later he quit and opened Amazon.

Amazon has huge plans for the upcoming years. With the decision to open three more warehouses, it seems like Amazon will be hiring close to 50,000 more employees. This is good news for Jeff because if there are more employees, then the products might reach faster, which will make people to buy more. The more people buy, the more money Amazon gets.

Has all this talk about AmazonFresh made you wonder what AmazonFresh is? Well, if you don’t know what AmazonFresh is, then let me enlighten you. AmazonFresh is a fresh food delivery system that arrives at your door the day you order it. You can even have those fresh goodies in one hour! Even if its not fruit season, you can still get fresh fruit at your doorstep.

A lot of rich people donate money to countries and charities. Jeff Bezos is one of those rich people. He recently has donated 33 million dollars. Jeff Bezos will continue to earn money and help get jobs for people who don’t have one. When someone is rich, you want them to be like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. Jeff Bezos still has huge plans for Amazon to come. One day you will see a drone delivering your package. Would you like to see that? Vote in the polls!









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