The Other Box

Marie Snyder

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Just recently there was a law passed by Congress allowing the option of the parent to decide if their child is male, female, or other on a birth certificate. Personally, I don’t see the whole point in that. When you are an infant, you don’t even know what a gender is; you don’t know the difference between girl and boy. Your little might know who mom is and who dad is and maybe your siblings. So why did Congress pass this law; why do the parents have the option to pick the other box? Do the parents not want to have the option to let their kids choose what gender they want to be?

It is the parents’ choice, but maybe when the child grows up he/she might feel pressured to have to choose a gender. Technically, I have the option in 2018 to pick what gender I want, so why did do you have to make it to a certain extent if I can already choose? It might be because not all parents are okay with their child being transgender, but why would this change their minds. If anything, you aren’t really helping the child, because they feel like they have to choose but once they turn 18 they can choose. Plus, when you are a teenager you feel all different emotion and feelings so can we trust them to pick? What happens when a person comes up to your newborn and asks if it is a boy or a girl? What would you say if you picked the other box, “oh, we don’t know yet?” Or would you say its gender even though you gave it the option to pick the first option the person will definitely look at you funny. The second option sounds smarter to pick, but wouldn’t that be undefy the whole point.

When I look at this law, I just don’t see a good idea. All this is leading to is something either the parents don’t want, or it will be an easy decision, but not everyone can look at themselves and just decide whether they are a boy or a girl. This is where the pressure comes from, that is put on these kids. Children will grow up, and not see the difference between a boy and a girl, so they will have to make a decision that will stick with them forever.  I think that being a girl is just great, I love it. Not all girls feel this way I get that; and in my opinion yes, you should be able to choose. Not when you are a teenager that is going through a part of their life where they don’t know what they want, so I think they should be able to wait till they are 18.

Sooner or later there will not even be a boy or a girl, there won’t be labels, and I strongly disagree with that. People today think of labels as a bad thing but what is so bad about them? The characteristics of a girl, and the characteristics of a boy are different, and it should stay that way. Are there some down sides to labels? Yes, but not all of them are so bad. If anything, they keep us organized and situated. These labels are going to a new extent: it used to be simple why are we making this harder than it has to be.

So, do you think that we should have another box? Or is it fine that a person can pick their gender at 18. Why do you think that congress passed this law, or do you not know why? Are the people of America going to do anything about it or are they going to leave it the way it is? Whatever happens, will it be the right decision?

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The Other Box