Volcano bigger than this world

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Did you know that there is a supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming? People are flipping out over it. Scientist say it’s most likely to erupt in about 1,000 years, but it’s hard to estimate with nature. The last time this Volcano erupted was 174,000, the eruption created the west thumb of Yellowstone lake. Another name for this volcano is a caldera. There are some phenomenal facts about this volcano.

Why is it called a supervolcano you may ask, well it means it has an eruption magnitude of 8, which is the largest value. The volume of this Volcano is 1,000 cubic Kilometers, which is a whole lot of lava, thats for sure. This volcano stands at a whopping 10,308 feet tall located, in the Rocky Mountain region.

The effects of this volcano erupting are something scientists are still trying to wrap their heads around. There is no way from stopping it from erupting, but scientists estimate it to erupt in about 1,000 to 5,000 years. If it were to explode it’s ash would spread thousands of miles across the United States, shutting down power plants and make buildings fall.

How  the supervolcano and the Old Faithful Geyser are connected is a question many people ask today. First water seeks its way down through the cracks of the volcano and the heat from the magma boil it to extreme temperatures. Then it finds its way to a teapot shaped space, where pressure is built up. After the pressure is built it then goes to the spout of the chamber and bursts up, releasing all the pressure.                                                                                                                       People are terrified of this enormous volcano, and they’re even more afraid because there is no possible way to stop it. Warning time for the volcano will be short, so people would have to move very quickly. Since it’s steaming, doesn’t mean it’ll erupt. Scientist say it won’t erupt until thousands of years in the future, therefore we have no need to panic or have it on our minds.

From how it erupts to when it erupts, there’s so many more questions to be answered about this volcano!  Hopefully scientists are right, and this volcano isn’t erupting soon.



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Volcano bigger than this world