ALMS Food Pantry

Morgan Tobey, Contributor

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Did you know Andrew Lewis has a food pantry? A food pantry provides food for people who may not have enough food to eat. They help people in your school, city, and even neighborhood.

The food pantry is also known as Giving Light Food Pantry. The Salem Area Ecumenical Ministries received a grant of $60,000, that provides funds for Andrew Lewis to start a full-service student-led food pantry. This food pantry will have the capability to serve many families in need. There is a group of students that meet regularly and provide the time and leadership to the organization. They make sure families can get the supplies they need. The purpose of the food pantry is to provide food and clothing to the people who may not have the money to buy these things.

The idea was created by our fellow students like Nick Powers while talking with Mr. Garst. The Andrew Lewis Food Pantry was supported by the principal, Caleb’s Closet, and a grant by The Salem Area Ecumenical Ministries. With lots of assistance, this idea was turned into a club now run by students in Andrew Lewis.

How did the students join the Food Pantry?

The students involved in working with the Giving Light Food Pantry were handpicked by Mr. Garst for their hardworking and good teamwork, such as Faith Dolin. Nick Powers was approached by Mr. Garst over the summer and asked if he would be willing to lead the food pantry. More members started to join and it has expanded into the club it is today.

What Can You Do?

The food pantry asks that you donate canned food/non-perishable items if possible. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. Anything like canned fish, meat (salmon, tuna, ham, turkey—pop-top cans are best), canned vegetables, and fruit will be appreciated. Milk (fresh, canned, or powdered) and peanut butter, can help as well. The smallest things can be a big deal to a person in need.

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