Mr. Marie

Elizabeth Bocock, Editor

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Almost every student here at Andrew Lewis has had Mr. Marie as a substitute teacher. There is a lot students don’t know about him so he was interviewed regarding his experiences. The first question he was asked is “What is something you wish more people knew?” He responded with “It is not that I want people to know something, I want to make sure that they do not forget. That is why I organize a dinner every year for World War Two veterans.”

One thing that Mr. Marie does not want people to take for granted is freedom because when he was a young child in France his freedom and his family’s freedom was taken away by the Germans. He said that he remembers his mother having to wait in lines for two hours to get food, “That was not freedom,” he said. Mr. Marie remembers his father going away to join the French Resistance and his mother having to act like a widow because if the Germans knew about what he was doing they would all be killed. “You truly do not know what freedom is until it gets taken away from you”

Mr. Marie does a lot of presentations about WWII. These presentations help to make sure that people don’t forget about our past. He also organizes a dinner for WWII veterans every year, the first year he did this there were hundreds and hundreds of people but now they’re only about one or two hundred people that come because most WWII veterans have passed away. Every year there are less and less people that can say they were alive during WWII. Mr. Marie wants to make sure that nobody forgets about the people who fought to preserve the freedom of their countries. “There were people who fought who were 18 and 19 years old when they came to my native country.”

Mr. Marie wants to make sure that nobody takes their freedom for granted and forgets about the WWII veterans.

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