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Trade of the Week

Macy Johnson, Contributor

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Many people believe that you have to have a college education to be successful, but that just isn’t true. There are many careers that are available to those who haven’t graduated from college or gotten a degree. For example, you do not need a college diploma to be an electrician. Electricians are paid just as well as many people that have taken the extra step to graduate from college. That is why electricians are the trade for this week!

If one wants to become an electrician, they don’t have to go through college to do so. In fact, all one would have to do is go through an apprenticeship program where they would learn through paid, on-the-job or in-class instruction. This apprenticeship program requires different things depending on what the rules are in your state or area. Some electrical contractors require that the person first become a helper or apprentice. Most apprenticeships last around 4 or 5 years and once completed, the student will be considered as a qualified electrician.

With technology advancing daily, more and more parts of life are getting involved with the newest technical crazes. With the amount of electricity U.S. citizens use daily, the need for electricians is increasing at an exponential rate. In fact, the need for electricians is projected to increase by 9% from 2016-2026. This is around the average increase rate of most other occupations. In fact, the number of available jobs for electricians in 2016 was 666,900 and the projected employment opportunities in 2026 are 726,500. With new sources of power and technology coming out every day, the need for electricians is rising frequently!

Many people believe that if you don’t attend college, you won’t be able to afford the daily necessities required after you graduate high school, but it is quite the opposite. In fact, the average pay for an electrician in 2017 was $54,110. Truthfully, electricians make about as much money as a drafter, who makes around $54,170 every year. Drafters have to go through two years of college before they can begin their career as well, so the cost of their college puts them very behind on the pay scale. While they’re going through college, you can be making money, training to become an electrician.

A common misconception is that you have to go to college to make a good income that can fund a family. But the truth is, there are many trades that are available to those who haven’t graduated college or gotten a degree. For instance, electricians do not require a college diploma. Electricians have a similar income to many people that have graduated from college. That is why the trade of the week is electricians!



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