College Vs Trade School

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College Vs Trade School

Allison Kessel, Contributor

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We all know what college is, and most of us plan to go to college at some point in time. But what if college is not for you? Most high school graduates plan to go to a four-year college because they believe it is the normal thing to do. Going to a four-year college is perfect for people who have chosen a career that involves getting a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. But what about everyone else? Who would want to go to college and get a degree they may never use and most likely be in student debt from college later on. If you don’t want to go to college, working in a trade position is sometimes a better option.

A trade position may be for you. Some people may want to major in a trade for multiple reasons. One reason is that if you get a trade school degree, it costs around $33,000 while a bachelor’s degree costs around $127,000, which means you save about $94,000. Trade school also offers a specific subject to help students choose the path they want for the future. A trade position also has a high paying job. Not only do you get to have a hands-on experience, but you also get a high salary. The pay that a trade position gives, can also help pay off a student debt if they need it.

An example of a trade position would be a stonemason. Stonemasons have to have a high school diploma if they want to go to a trade school. Masons usually learn the trade through apprenticeships and on the job, working with experienced masons. They also earn a pay of $42,900 per year and $20.62 per hour. If you think about it, most jobs that require a college diploma will not earn as much as a trade position like an electrician who earns about $52,910 a year. Going to a trade school will also help you with real life in the future. A trade school offers classes that will prepare you in life and your future job. Unlike a lot of high school and college classes, you learn exactly what you are going to do in the future. Working in a trade position will also give you hands-on experience with your job. Most desk jobs you don’t get to experience the fun things about your work. While working in a trade position you can explore all the fun things about your job, and have a hands-on experience.

On the other hand, college may be the best decision for some. College gives students more opportunities to pursue certifications and degrees to help them reach their future career goal. While college may be more expensive, your future career goal may need you to start out with college. Trade school and college are both great options, but only you know which one is right for you.

If you go to college you have multiple degrees to choose from. You can major in science, history, math, English, or almost anything else. Having so many options will give you more of a variety of jobs in the future. You can also choose to earn your undergraduate degree or you can keep going through school to earn other degrees such as your masters or Ph.D. While having a masters degree is impressive, not all jobs require a master’s degree, but it will present more varieties of jobs in the future. Any degree you choose to earn in a college will require a lot of effort and time.

For starters, a bachelor’s degree will take about four years of study. Which means that students who enter the workforce after receiving their bachelor’s degree aren’t doing so until their about 22. This shaves some years off of their career and their personal life. While spending time in the classroom can be good for your career, it’s an opportunity cost for experiencing the real world hands on. An estimate of 40% of attendees at a four-year college drop out before they complete their degree.

As trade school may be less expensive than college, there is no job guarantee for trade positions. There are sometimes too many trade school graduates. A lot of the career opportunities are limited to trade school graduates meaning many people risk ending up unemployed. The students who attend trade school have very limited flexibility as far as choices and changes in their degree.

Trade school and college are both different but yet similar at the same time. Going to a trade school may be less costly but leaves you with less available job opportunities. You may go to a trade school because you’re good at a trade, or because a trade position interests you. On the other hand college is expensive, but it leaves more opportunities for jobs and other future careers. Getting your degree from a college will take time. Both are great opportunities for your future career. Only you can choose which path is the best for you!



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