Wonderful Wolverines

Andrew Lewis is a part of VTSS, which is a program that integrates academics, behavior, and mental wellbeing into a single decision-making network. This program helps ALMS elect a Wonderful Wolverine from every grade level each week. A wonderful Wolverine is someone who follows all three aspects of the Wolverine Way and uses it to make the school a better place. Teachers from around the school nominate these students every week to be a Wonderful Wolverine. Even local businesses pitch in and donate prizes for the students. Every Friday the winners are drawn and announced.
The three aspects of the Wolverine Way are, I am safe, I am responsible, I am respectful, and therefore, I am a Wolverine. Remaining safe in class means sitting in your seat the right way, use your materials as directed, and keep your hands to yourself. Being responsible in class means following directions, giving your best effort, being on time to class, turning in work on time, bringing the correct materials, and doing quality work. Acting respectfully in class means participating, staying in your personal space, being considerate, listening to speakers, being appropriate, and respecting personal property. Finally being a Wolverine means respecting yourself and others, building positive relationships, being a lifelong leader, always doing your best, and never giving up. Alana Mowles, Kimber Boris, Austin Frantz, Cloe Gravel, and Lauren Garst are a few students that displayed the Wolverine Way in their day-to-day life. Each of these students was interviewed to provide more information about themselves.
An eighth grader, Alana Mowles, earned this award about the 4th week. She thinks the school could become a better place if we help kids that are being bullied. She uses the Wolverine Way every day by showing kindness and respecting everyone. Alana’s favorite subject is English. she loves to read and is even a library helper. Outside of school, she reads, draws, takes care of her pet rats, and takes part in church activities.
Sixth grader, Kimber Boris, obtained this award during one of the first weeks. She is not involved in any extracurricular activities right now but she is planning to become the girls’ softball manager in the spring. Outside of school, her favorite pastime is playing with her dogs. She uses the Wolverine Way every day by respecting and being friendly to everyone. She thinks that the school could be a better place if everyone is kind to everyone and becoming friends with many people.
An eighth grader named Austin Frantz received this award about the 5th week. He said that he uses the Wolverine Way by trying his best to be kind, respectful, and working hard every day. Austin is involved in the chess club and the Photojournalism class. His favorite subject is math but specifically, geometry. Outside of school, he tries to stay productive by finishing his homework and practicing music. He thinks the school could become a better place by not littering, inspiring others, always doing your best, and helping others.
A seventh grader named Cloe Gravel earned this award about the 3rd week. Her favorite subject is math because she is most exceptional in it. Cloe was involved in the Talent Show, might join the chess club, and might go out for cheer. She uses the Wolverine Way every day by helping students with homework, talking to adults in a kindly manner, and doing what she’s told at the right time. She spends her free time walking her dogs, doing chores, doing homework, and walking outside by herself. She thinks the school could be better if everyone is respectful, caring and kind.
An eighth grader named Lauren Garst got this award about the 4th week. She uses the Wolverine Way every day by respecting others, being safe, and being responsible. She makes the school a better place by cleaning up trash, being positive, and telling others about the Wolverine Way. Lauren takes dance lessons; she made the competition team so training takes up a lot of time. She really enjoys dancing and finds it a way to express herself. Lauren’s favorite subject is math because she likes solving problems. Lauren spends her free time Facetiming friends, reading, and playing games.
The Wonderful Wolverine is an exceptional program to increase awareness and persuade students to use it more often. The students who receive this award exemplify the Wolverine Way. Being chosen over the other students in their grade should be humbling for the recipients. Hopefully, they can keep up the great work and become even greater examples in the future