Kobe Bryant was said to be one of the best basketball players in history. He started his professional basketball career early on, entering the National Basketball Association at the young age of 18. He was the youngest player to enter the National Basketball Association. Kobe went to Lower Merion High School in Philadelphia, PA. In his high school career, he scored a total of 2,883 points averaging 30.8 points a game. Kobe was the first freshman to play varsity for Lower Merion High School in many decades. Right after high school he entered the draft for the NBA and was chosen for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Bryant played all 20 years of his career for the lakers. He was MVP in 2008, a 15-time member of all NBA team, 12-time member of all-defensive team, and 18- time all-star. Bryant’s most scoring game was against the Toronto Raptors with 81 points. Kobe wasn’t as naturally athletic as Michael Jordan or other legends, but what made him legendary was his work ethic and how hard he practiced to get where he was. He ended his career in 2016 with 33,643 points, the most anyone has ever scored until recently when Lebron James shot the shot to beat Kobe’s record the night before the helicopter accident.

Kobe Bryant was not only a good player but a good person. He had four children ranging from ages 17 to 6 months of age. Kobe was an advocate for women’s basketball and started the mamba mentality. Kobe was willing to meet and talk to his supporters for free, unlike others. The mamba mentality is an infinite curiosity to want to be better and not let anything get in your way of being better. It’s not worrying about what other people might say. “I never wanted to be like Kobe, but I always wanted to have that laser focus, that nothing was getting in my way of what I wanted to do on the floor,” said Kevin Durant.

He started a mamba academy for AAU basketball. One of his daughters is 13 years old and plays basketball. Following after her dad’s footsteps Gianna could have been the best women’s basketball player. At age thirteen she was already one of the best. Kobe was done with basketball after he retired in 2016 but “Gigi” inspired him to get back into it and help her. They went to women’s games, college games, and NBA games. Her favorite player was Trae Young.

On Sunday, January 26, 2020 Kobe, Gigi, and seven other people were on the way to a girls basketball tournament. They were on a 30-minute ride to the gym when the helicopter malfunctioned. Kobe had been taking the helicopter everywhere for over 20 years. He had been doing that so he would spend less time in traffic and more time with his family. It was his way of traveling. When they said goodbye to their family no one knew it would be their last time saying it. It was a foggy day and the causes of the crash are still not known. The helicopter caught on fire in the air and then crashed into the side of a mountain. It ended with the deaths of nine people all whose lives ended too early.

Kobe is remembered for his legacy. He was a hard worker and very determined. Kobe was willing to talk to his fans and was a generous person. He was supportive of other great basketball players. Lebron James beat Kobes scoring record and was welcomed off the court by Kobe congratulating him. He wasn’t the only one in the family though. Gigi was also a phenomenal basketball player. Her dream was always to go to UCONN and play basketball. She attended many of their games. After her tragic death, UCONN set out a number 2 jersey dedicated to Gigi. Many people did things to remember and dedicate their games to Kobe. Although their lives came to an end early they will always be remembered.