Kik Behind Your Phone Screen

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In the year of 2010 came the breakthrough of Kik Messenger, a popular mobile messaging app. Available for free download on iOS and Android devices, as the messaging app started developing new features, updates, and settings, parents started getting concerned about what might actually be happening behind their kid’s phone screens.

Kik Interactive was founded in 2009 by students from the University of Waterloo, Canada. It was originally released October 19th, 2010. Fifteen days within the software’s release, the app had already reached one million users. Kik caught younger kids/teens attention due to the platform not requiring a phone number for registration. This gave younger kids the opportunity to use Kik on other mobile devices. Apps such as Skype and iMessage also have this capability, but these apps have better security protections.

Attention was definitely drawn to the app later on when the app had been through enough updates to catch onto its kinks. Kik was found to have insecure “Privacy’ settings allowing strangers right through to private information. Other concerning issues included spammed adult content and unverified/unrated adult hookup apps were hosted inside the Kik software. It seemed avoiding inappropriate and unsolicited communication with strangers was virtually impossible. The inability to logout of the device without resetting also was caught. Overall, parents had a hard time trying to supervise.

Kik Messenger is a “simple and free” way to text in substitution for iMessage of other platforms. But the question is, are parents actually caught up on what might be going on? In my opinion, parents should be supervising what their children are posting on media platforms, specifically on Kik. Besides, we should have nothing to hide. After all, once posted, that picture, piece of information, or comment is out for everyone to see. Do we really want to embarrass ourselves by what we post? Do we honestly want to risk talking with strangers?

Keep in mind, you don’t know who or where strangers are and you don’t know if adults or peers are supervising. But, they can easily figure out what’s behind your phone screen.




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Kik Behind Your Phone Screen