All Wrapped Up In Technology

Abby Pitts, Contributor

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Today over half of students work is done using technology over a paper and pencil. Students use technology for anything from tests to playing games. I believe technology is being overused in schools. Many people say we use it when we are younger so much to prepare us for the real world when we are older and for our future jobs. I think we should take a step back from technology and go from using it every day to only one to two times a week in school.

There are many things that we use technology for at school. We take tests, play games, write papers, make presentations, and many other things. Many people like all the technology in school, while I beg to differ. There are many good and bad things that come out of using computers and other technology in school. We use technology to help us research and find facts for projects which is a great help. Technology also comes in handy because it is much quicker and efficient. I know I would much rather type something into a search engine than have to dig through a book. It is also making kids less active. Rather than making things and moving around the classroom we are stuck at a desk with a computer.

There are many negatives to technology. I think we shouldn’t use it in school as much as we do because it can be a distraction. Many teachers find their students playing games on their computers while they should be paying attention to a lesson. Many students often forget their computers at home which causes them to not be able to participate in the day’s activity which causes an issue. Many kids also say they do better on a paper test than computer tests.

I believe technology is overused. I think instead of taking every test on computers we should switch over to paper tests. The main reason I don’t like technology is that we don’t make things anymore, we only make google slides or other online presentations. All in all, I hope that we can take a step back from technology and go back to the old ways with a piece of paper and a pencil.

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