Christmas in November

Brooke Bowers, Contributor

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I absolutely love getting into the holiday spirit along with many other people. Some people like to decorate early like before Thanksgiving and others despise of it. The most common ways people get into the holiday spirit are by decorating, listening to holiday music, and starting holiday festivities. I for one highly enjoy listening to holiday music because I feel like it gets me in the mood and makes me happy and excited although I don’t really enjoy decorating before Thanksgiving. However, other people think by starting to get into holiday spirit too early it sort of steals the spotlight from Thanksgiving. Contrary to that opinion, I think it is possible to enjoy multiple things at once. I also think that Thanksgiving kind of leads into the holiday festivities.

Like I said I think the main ways people get into the holiday spirit is by listening to Christmas music and decorating their houses with lights, blow ups, and other festive decorations. Some people even combine the two by listening to holiday music while they decorate and I’m not gonna lie that’s what I do. When people decorate early many other people judge them. I think people should be able to do whatever they want without judgment. Also, there is an obvious interest in listening to holiday music because there are radio stations that play it. They wouldn’t play holiday music if no one listened to it.

Like I said earlier I typically wait to decorate until after Thanksgiving but that doesn’t stop me from listening to Christmas music. I personally love driving around and looking at all the decorations when it gets closer to Christmas. There are many other things people do to celebrate such as building gingerbread houses and baking cookies but those are typically done later in December. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is making cookies.

Overall I believe there is no shame in decorating and starting festivities early but if people start festivities too early it gets annoying.

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