High Tech Education: Good or Bad?

Nama Poulos, Contributor

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In today’s schools technology plays a major role in education along with communication among peers. For the majority of students here at ALMS it is difficult to imagine a world not filled with modern technology and gadgets. Questions that arise at the thought of life without technology, many include: How would I study, talk to friends, and even spend my free time?

Though technology has been available in most student’s whole lives, it is a different story for most teachers and parents. They were taught with different methods that may even seem strange to a lot of modern students. As you can imagine schools today can seem like a different world to a lot of adults who grew up taking paper SOLs and tests, studying with flashcards, and even having to use actual books to do research. Some parents and adults can even be confused with such advanced technology being released at such a rapid pace.

Technology can be overwhelming, but some adults and even students feel that the modern education system should be less cluttered with technology, and utilize more traditional methods of teaching. I feel that many of the factors of this opinion are agreeable, such as students failing to be able to use everyday skills because of such easy access to the internet, such as performing simple math, reading, and even communicating with people without the use of devices. This argument is also understandable because with the Chromebooks come distractions. Let’s face it, we all know that student that can’t put down the games, even after their computers being reprimanded, but is it really worth getting rid of the computers?

I think that though there are many downsides to technology, that it is a necessary factor of today’s learning. As our world quickly changes and becomes more and more focused on smart tech, that a good base teaching of the is vital because the majority of modern jobs are strongly focused on technology and engineering. Although the obsession with the internet can be a bit over the top, popular demand around the world calls for higher tech, and it is important as ever to thoroughly prepare students for the technology-filled world.

Although access to new, amazing devices in schools helps students to learn about what goes into technology and how it works, some tend to misuse the gadgets. This seems to be a fact that goes into the argument against technology in schools, especially Chromebooks. Though this is a strong point, it is important to remember all of the things that Chromebooks aid teachers and students in doing. Chromebooks allow information to move between students, teachers, and administrators faster than ever. Not only is it helpful to email teachers but many even post notes and assignment online which can be a lifesaver for slow workers, people who like to review, and absent students. I am even using a Chromebook as I write this. When looking back on the time previous to personal Chromebooks, it was a hassle to get a hold of the computer cart for a whole class and things seemed to move much slower. Not only are they efficient, but there are many ways to prevent misuse of computers.

As times change, computers are everywhere and educators should continue teaching about technology. Using it during class is a great way to do just that. Chromebooks in class are far more efficient than other forms of teaching, hold more than thousands of binders of information and are capable of, and even help reduce the number of trees cut down. After stepping back and remembering the positive factors of technology, it seems like the positive direction to take, for everyone. I think a solution to other issues would be to continue having a good mix of traditional and modern learning, with some teaching skills that do not require the use of the internet. For an example, we can continue using Chromebooks in class but when it comes to simple math and questions, teachers and parents can encourage students to think about it before turning to tech.

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