Learn A Language!

Austin Frantz, Contributor

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       Do you think it is important to learn a foreign language? Learning a second language is very fun and important. It looks good on resumes, it is fun to speak to other people in a different language, it increases English grammar, gives you an edge on your job so you can speak to people in a foreign language, and it helps your memory. At Andrew Lewis, you can’t take a language until eighth grade. At some elementary schools, you can take Spanish starting in Kindergarten. If Andrew Lewis had foreign languages as an option in 7th or 6th grade, they could have it as high school credit. Taking a language is not hard and starts at a beginner level at ALMS. If they had it earlier, students could get a headstart. When you take a language, you get to learn about cool things people from other countries do. For example, in South America, Dia de Los Muertos is a big holiday where participants make altars to remember people who have passed away. Students study about things that foreign people do to know more about culture. ALMS offers French, Spanish, German, and Chinese in eighth grade. But that is not enough, make sure you make a difference in your community and keep advocating for what you want, like a language. So if a language ever comes out in sixth or seventh grade, make sure you take one. It will make a big impact on your life.

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