Bring Back the Books!

Taylor Berenbaum, Contributor

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Recently, Mr. Garst made the decision not to have a 2018-19 student agenda book. How come? This shocking decision left some students quite intrigued.

Mr. Garst made this decision to help, “Teach kids how to utilize a digital calendar on the Chromebooks…” as well as attempt to help make our school lives easier by finding a more efficient way to remember and organize our assignments.

While some ALMS students are in favor of this idea, others are not. I am personally a paper-pencil type of student. If I had to write my assignments somewhere, I would choose to record them in an agenda book. On the other hand, some students would rather have an online calendar to glance over every weeknight. Although there are students on both sides of the argument, many students are stuck in the middle and don’t have an opinion at all.

In an interview with Mr. Garst, he said that next year, students will be receiving a 2019-20 student agenda book. “Agenda books are expensive and I’m okay with that as long as students are using them.”

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Some may sway one way, while others may sway the opposite. Within this topic, it is apparent that there even a few middle school students who don’t even bother to write down their homework at all.  In the meantime, my vote says, bring back the books!

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