Is Cheerleading A Sport?

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Is Cheerleading A Sport?

Anna Haley, Contributor

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Most people think all cheerleading isn’t a sport. I think that sideline cheerleading for a school isn’t a sport. Sideline cheer is when you cheer for football or basketball. I do think that competitive cheerleading is a sport. Competitive cheer is when cheer squads compete against each other at a competition. At a typical cheerleading competition, teams perform a 2  and a half minute routine with music that includes stunts, jumps, and tumbling.

There are 2 different types of competitive cheerleading. There is where a school competes against another school and they perform routines with signs, poms, and megaphones that showcase their sideline skills along with an entertainment section to music. Then there is a different type of competition that is very active.

Competitive cheerleading requires a lot of work just like other sports like soccer, football, etc. Competitive cheer takes a lot of the cheerleaders time. They spend about 10 to 11 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Some cheerleaders who love competitive drop out of school to do competitive cheer because if they don’t then they would miss a lot of school. That occurs more with very competitive teams that go out of state a lot.

Training for competitive cheerleading is as tough as for any other competitive sport. For example, most cheerleading teams of train seven days a week. Three times a week they do strength-training. Then they meet four evenings a week for three hours to practice the actual tumbling and stunts. Each cheer group will have their own training schedule, but that is one of them.

There are different levels of competitive cheer. They are Tiny Cheer, Mini Cheer, Youth Cheer, Junior Cheer, and Senior Cheer. The Tiny cheer is for 5 years and younger. The Mini cheer is for 8 -9 years old. The Youth cheer is 10 -11 years old. The Junior Cheer is 12-14 years old. Then the Senior cheer is 15 and up.

Although sideline cheer is very active I don’t think it is a sport because it doesn’t compete with another team and no one wins. Also, anyone can be a sideline cheerleader because if you yell for a team then you are basically a cheerleader for it.

People may disagree on what I said but I will probably always think that competitive cheer is because it is very active and not just anybody can do it, it takes skill, time, and effort.

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