The Pay Gap Between Male And Female Athletes

Elizabeth Bocock, Editor

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Over the years sports have become very popular in America, but most of these sports are played by men. Almost all of these sports have women’s leagues with a lesser following. The NBA, for example, is a very popular men’s league but it also has a less popular female counterpart, the WNBA. There is a very large pay gap between these men and women who are essentially doing the same thing. The minimum salary for an NBA player is $582,180 while the minimum salary for the WNBA is $50,000. That is a crazy high pay gap for people who do the exact same job. I think that women’s athletes are not only underpaid but also underappreciated.

I think that it is unfair that men’s basketball players make at least $532,180 more than women who do the same thing. Part of the reason for this is the fact that people would rather go see a men’s sport than a women’s sport. The average NBA game has an attendance of 17, 830 while on average the WNBA draws in a crowd of  7,716. Part of the reason male athletes get paid so much is because of how large the crowds they draw are. The more tickets they sell the more money they make. The cost of tickets is also a factor in salaries, the average men’s ticket is $89, to put that in perspective the average WNBA ticket costs a whopping $17.42. I think that if more people would show up for WNBA games then the ticket cost would go up and the womens and men’s salaries would start to even out

Overall, the pay gap between womens and mens sports is a problem with an easy solution. If we start to appreciate women’s sports more maybe, someday there won’t be a pay gap. Next time you are thinking about going to a sports game consider going to one played by women, you will be saving money and help even out the pay gap.



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