Year Round School?

Morgan Tobey, Contributor

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 Yes! That’s right, the Salem City School Board is looking into having year-round school! Last month a survey was sent out to the parents and faculty involved in Salem City Schools. The survey was about different types of calendars of the school year. The survey says that the there is an interest in year-round school. Can you imagine that? Having school all year and only six weeks of summer break.

I believe that school year round is just silly. Like now, when we have a summer break, it gives us something to look forward to. It’s in the title “break”. No work. No problem-solving. No math! Personally, I love having summer off because you get to relax and do nothing. Even if we have to go over a couple things we may have forgotten it’s not worth it. Having year-round school will not give us the opportunity to have a full summer off.

A year-round school calendar is organized into nine-week quarters. Each quarter is separated by a three-week break called an intersession, instead of a summer break. It’s not just the Salem City School System, there is a nationwide push for year-round school.

According to one myth, it was believed that school kids took a break during summer to help their parents in their fields and farms. As interesting as this story may sound, it’s wrong. The reason behind summer vacation in the United States had a lot to do with the middle and upper-class Americans. During the summer wealthy would travel to the countryside to relax for a vacation. This affected the school attendance and learning progress since school attendance wasn’t mandatory at that time. Since this was happening, legislators and labor union advocates argued for a more regulated summer holiday/break for school kids. They all agreed that the idea of learning year-round was not ideal for kids since the brain is a muscle which needed to be rested.

I asked Macy Johnson to give me her opinion on this idea. She supports year-round school. Over the summer people tend to forget the things they’ve learned over the previous year. She thinks this can cause teachers to get mad at their students because they have forgotten what they need to learn new material.

Mr. Garst supports the year-round school. He says if we decide to do this it won’t happen for a couple of years because that takes a while to adjust to the change. The reason he wants to have year-round school is that when we go back to school we forget a lot we learned about in the school year before. So all the teachers have to go over everything and review. He thinks it is best to have little breaks but not a long break like summer.

If the Salem City Schools make year-round school, what is your opinion? How will this affect your summer vacations? Will there be no more Summer Break?

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