Does using electronics have a good or bad effect on kids?

                    What are the effects of using electronics on kids? Are they positive or negative? What long-term effects will they have on this generation? In my opinion, I think having electronics is a good way for kids to learn more about themselves. Having electronics is a way kids can communicate with parents while playing sports for example contacting them after practice or when they need to be picked up after school or when they have hung out at a friend’s house and need a ride home. There are a ton of different electronic devices from phones to TVs all having different roles in young people’s lives. 


To start, if kids didn’t have phones how would they communicate with parents when at school, at sporting events, or when at friends’ houses? As someone who didn’t have a phone until a couple of months ago, it’s extremely hard to communicate with parents when you don’t have one. It’s really helpful when playing sports in the instance that a game or practice is canceled. If it does get canceled you can shoot a quick text to your parent or guardian. Another situation in which phones would be helpful is when you are at a friend’s house. You can send a quick text to let your parents know what’s happening or how you’re feeling. At school, if you’re feeling sick you could send a text to a parent or guardian to let them know that you’re feeling bad and heading to the nurse. A con to getting a phone is it does become addicting. If a parent feels like their kid is too young to get a phone then it might be a smart idea to not get them one. I have found from my own experiences that I used to spend an average of 8 hours a day on my phone. That isn’t healthy in my opinion so I’ve tried hard to stay off of it. You find the urge to pull your phone out if it is always there. So if you’re worried about getting addicted, set mental reminders from the start that you don’t need to be on it all the time. Since I first got my phone I have gotten my phone time to drop to 4 hours a day so it is possible for you to decrease screen time. Another problem is kids growing up too fast. If you don’t want them to be exposed to content that is made for adults at a young age, parents may need to put filters and restrictions on the phone. If a parent is concerned about their kid accessing adult content the parent should probably just think about it more and decide not to let their child download some of the “popular” apps. The percentage of kids 11 and younger with a phone is 54% and 88% of teenagers have their own phone.


I also believe that letting a kid have a  TV is a way that they can learn more about themselves and what they want to do with their lives later on. One example of this is if you let them have access to cooking shows or medical shows and different professions as it will let them develop a better understanding of the job and maybe this will help them decide that that career is one they want to pursue. If a parent allows their child to have access to YouTube it’s the same thing they can start watching creators they are interested in and find a niche. They can talk to other people about these YouTubers and find new friends that way. They will have a fandom that they can relate to and express themselves in this way too. There are some cons to having access to tv and youtube all the time. Once kids learn how to use the remote they can easily go from kid-appropriate shows to something more inappropriate like R-rated movies. The same can be said with youtube, if it isn’t filtered kids can have access to any video on the platform. If you go looking you can definitely find content on YouTube that is not kid-appropriate. Too much screen time can lead to obesity, irregular sleep, behavioral problems, violence, and less time to play outdoors. 


Lastly, I am going to talk about kids and their relationships with computers. As someone who has a younger brother, I see him use his computer all the time in some ways that are good and some ways that are bad. In many ways, computers and the internet are a way for younger kids to express themselves. Many kids use the website Discord to communicate with friends. It’s a website where you can chat and video call with one another like Zoom or Facetime. Next, a website my brother uses a lot is Roblox. He says that he enjoys all of the different game options available on the site and being able to play several games on one site. It has all kinds of games from dress-up games to racing games, there’s something for everyone. ids also have the option of searching for any game in the browser which they can play during their free time. A downside to computers is there are no filters on search engines such as Google. When using a search engine like Google kids can search for anything which may lead to them seeing content that they might be too young for. Additionally, children can develop an addiction to certain games. Kids may get so sucked into a game that they spend excessive time trying to complete a game and not even realize that they have spent so much time on the computer. As long as limits are set this shouldn’t be an issue. 81% of 18 and under kids are playing violent video games at too young of an age. 


In conclusion,  there are some ways electronics can be good, and sometimes they can be bad. So if you are thinking about getting your kid a device or letting them have a device  I hope that I helped list some of the major pros and cons of popular devices such as TVs, computers, and phones. In the end, it’s your decision as a parent or guardian if you will give your child a smart device.  I hope this gave you some things to think about concerning these devices. I hope this article helped and thank you for reading!