The House System

As everyone knows we have a house system, the idea is great but I feel like we can do more to make the house system more fun and do things to get the students more interested in it. 


For starters we could do more pep rallies. A lot of people said that it was really fun seeing those in your house, and participating in the games and competitions the school had set up for the students to do. We have only done two pep rallies this whole school year and the students want to do more things like that to get more involved in their house and the house system as a whole. 


We did have a pep rally this past week at the end of the day to kick off the SOL’s. It was kind of fun but I wish we had more time to do more games instead of only a few games that only a few students from each house could participate in. It would also be fun to do different games because the 3 games that we did play were games that had already been used at the first pep rally before winter break. I think more kids would like the pep 

rallies and want to play the game if there were more options and more opportunities.


We could also do more activities during the school day to earn house points. At the start of the houses Mr. Garst  said the students would be doing a challenge each Wednesday to earn points for your house. We did that for maybe two weeks then we just stopped. I think we should start doing that again because it gets us more involved and excited about the house system.


I interviewed Mr. Dunham, a 7th grade math teacher who is also a house leader for Amistad. I asked him; What is something we can do to improve the house system? His response was: We as teachers need to get more involved. As a house leader, I need to do more with my group of students. We need to have more social events within the teams so that we can get to know each other better. We have the foundation in place to take it to another level next year. The second question I asked was; What is your favorite thing about the house system? His response was: I love the idea of being a part of a group. I really like the ability to relate to other people in the building. It also allows you to get to know other people from different grade levels which helps the entire building be connected. 


I think this interview along with my editorial concludes that there are more people in the building including house leaders who think we can do more to make the house system better and more enjoyable for our students. The students can also help with the idea of more activities and games we could do that they would like. If the school gets the students input it will help the school make the changes to the house system that they know the students here at ALMS will be happy with, and things that they’ll want to be involved in.