What is the Gifted Program?

Simran Gill

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     Our country provides many programs for students who would like to go beyond their comfort zone. Here in Salem, we have a few  programs as well.  One well-known program is the Gifted Program.  The Gifted Program is an opportunity available to students who would like to experience learning through many different ways.  This year the Gifted Program has many interesting workshops in store for the middle schoolers.  These are to be announced and will be very educational, yet fun.

     Unfortunately, many students are not aware of this opportunity. In addition, many apply for the program but do not get in.  To be part of this program, one must take a series of tests.  These tests require one to think outside of the box and demonstrate mathematics and language arts understanding.  Salem City Schools has appointed wonderful Gifted education specialists.  Ms. Nicely works with G.W. Carver, East, and South Salem, while Mr. Taibbi works with Andrew Lewis, West Salem, and Salem High School.  They have done an amazing job intriguing us with their professional workshops.  A couple of years ago, the workshops were held during Andrew Lewis hours.  This meant students had to miss school and then come back and make up the work missed.  Luckily, Salem City Schools came up with an idea.  Now, all of the workshops are held before or after school hours.  They can also be on teacher work days.  This way students can relax and enjoy without having to worry about the work being missed.  Sometimes, there can be transportation issues.  Most of the time, the workshops are held in Mr. Taibbi’s room (230).  If the workshop is before school, then someone would have to drop off their child to reach in time to attend the workshop.  If the workshop is after school, parents do not need to worry.  The school will take a bus to the designated place and attend the workshop.  The only thing parents have to do is pick their child up once the workshop is complete.

     Many of the workshops the Gifted Program presents are in high demand.  One of these is the 3Doodler Pens.  In simpler words,  a 3Doodler is a 3D drawing pen.  This workshop’s purpose is to engineer creativity and imagination.  With 3Doodler Pens, one has a unique style, like everyone has their own handwriting.  3Doodler pens can help one take ideas from the brain onto the paper in no time.  One can also create objects and solve problems without using complex programs.  Another thing that 3Doodler Pens can do is touch and feel the results of three-dimensional construction.  One can also get the feel of an object in real space.  There are many types of learners, visual and mental.  Luckily for the visual learners, 3Doodler Pens can help create visual aids and help add new dimensions to existing objects.  With the help of 3Doodler Pens, students can add new elements of art.  One can also break down complicated problems and objects into simpler shapes and styles.  Then one can join the parts together to create a larger system. The dates for the workshops are on October 21st and November 15th from 7:30 to 8:15 am.  The alternative date is December 6 from 3:30 to 4:15 p.m. These will all take place in room 230 (Mr. Taibbi’s room).  This is a wonderful opportunity for the Gifted students, don’t miss it.

     Another fun workshop is the Outdoor Adventure.  Salem City Schools has not done this kind of workshop in many years.  The purpose is to introduce self-confidence,  encourage teamwork, and to advance the students’ problem-solving skills.  The workshop will be held at the W.E. Skeleton 4H Center at Smith Mountain Lake.  As mentioned before, this workshop is not during school hours.  In fact, this is on November 8th, a teacher work day.  The workshop will run through 8 a.m to 4 p.m.  The staff at the 4H center will challenge the students to complete the low ropes course, go canoeing, and to successfully complete a wilderness survival task.  The survival task will include learning how to start and build a fire.  However, the most exciting part is climbing the center’s two-story climbing wall.  This workshop will help push students out of their “school comfort zone.”  All students will come to depart ALMS by 8 a.m. by a school bus.  We will arrive back at ALMS by 4 a.m.  The cost of the field trip is $21.  Students will have to bring a packed lunch and drink.  They will also have to wear proper clothing and shoes for a day planned with outdoor fun.  

     The Gifted program is an opportunity available to many students.  Through hard work and dedication, the Gifted Program has become a safe and relaxing program.  The Gifted specialists present many workshops.  This year, the workshops are 3Doodler Pens and Outdoor adventure.  These workshops are going to be a success and will help students realize their ability to do anything.  The Gifted Program is an opportunity to only Salem students, but out in the United States and in the world there are many other opportunities in store.



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What is the Gifted Program?