Lauren Reedy

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    Achievements are the things we do that we are proud of. Everyone has their own reason to be proud of themselves. We all set goals and when we set goals and achieve them that is something to be proud of. Some achievements could simply be to make one goal at practice. Other goals could be to climb Mount Everest, braid your own hair, or set a personal record while running a 5K.

     7th Grader Mady Church says, “My best achievement is making it into the concert choir. Singing is one of the things I love most, so knowing that other people like to hear my voice too was amazing.” She also goes on to state how she wants to grow in the choir and become the best singer she can. Mady accomplished this earlier this year and is still continuing to sing.

     6th grader Bryson Hill loves basketball so his biggest achievement was when his basketball team won top four in the nation. He says, “In the future, I would like to be in the NBA.” He played his basketball game in Myrtle Beach. He says that he loves basketball so much and hopes to keep playing.

     8th grader Rebekah Rothkopf says her greatest accomplishment is when she helped people with their books. “I want to change people’s lives so nobody has to be late to class,” Rebekah said. She wants to help start a chain reaction of kindness so that everyone can be happy. “I know I hate being late to class so I want to help everyone out, so they don’t have to be late either,” stated Rebekah.

     6th grader Jocelynn Harlow says, “Running a 5k with Girls on the Run was my best accomplishment. I was so proud that I got out and was exercising. I love running and I would like to become a great runner in the future. It was really fun because I got to do it with my friends.” Her friends are very supportive and also enjoy running.

     8th grader Alijah Morris says, “My greatest accomplishment is simply being a hard worker and trying to be as friendly as possible. I want to be successful just like my mom. I work hard and I make straight A’s and B’s.” He says that he wants to grow up and become an aerospace engineer and to be a great football player.

     7th grader Charles Baynum loves football, so when he got to play for Andrew Lewis he was very happy. One day he says his dream is to go to the NFL. He says that his coaches always try and get the best out of him and get him to work his hardest. He loves football and tries his very hardest and hopes to play again next year.

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