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Sarah Mowbray

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Here at Andrew Lewis, we have principals for each grade level. The 6th-grade principal is Mr. Garst, 7th is Dr. Jones, and the 8th-grade principal is Mrs. Epperly. All three principals were asked to fill out an interview about one of their students that they believe should be nominated for Student Spotlight. Student Spotlight is about a student in each grade, who stand out to many of their peers, and their principles. The principles nominated the student that they thought showed good character, and is kind to peers and teachers. The student Mr. Garst choose was Dominic Wright. The Student Spotlight in 7th grade was Mylinn Rogers, and Mrs. Epperly chose Amber Hancock for the 8th grade Student Spotlight.
Mr. Garst told us that Dominic has been kind to his peers, and all his teachers since his first day here at Andrew Lewis. One of the questions we asked was if he could describe the student in three words, what three would he choose? Mr. Garst described Dominic as kind, genuine, and authentic. We also asked Dominic to describe himself in three words. Dominic chose to describe himself with kind, helpful, and active. Dominic told us that one of his favorite parts of Andrew Lewis is the pep rallies and assemblies. He also stated, “I enjoy coming to school, because of my friends.” He told us that one of his goals for this year is to pass the sixth grade, with all A’s. “I plan on achieving this goal by paying attention in class and studying for all test and quizzes.” We asked Dominic why he thought kindness was important. He told us that it’s important to be kind, so people will remember your character, and how you treat them.
7th-grader Mylinn Rogers was nominated by Dr. Jones. He wrote in his interview that when he heard about student spotlight, Mylinn was one of the first students that came to mind. Dr. Jones said, “He is a hard worker and always tries to do his best.” Mylinn told us that his goal for the year is to get straight A’s, and he plans on doing that by studying. He also told us that he is looking forward to the rest of the year, and is also excited to be an eighth grader next year. We asked Dr. Jones to describe Mylinn in three words. He chose to describe Mylinn as friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic.
Mrs. Epperly told us the student that stood out to her was Amber Hancock. She told us Amber is kind to the adults and to peers around her. “She is also a leader in character,” said Mrs. Epperly. Amber told us that “kindness is being kind to animals, and people.” She also said, “It’s important to be kind, because if you’re not kind to people no one will appreciate you.” One of Amber’s goals is to finish the year with all A’s. She said, “I plan to reach my goal by studying and paying attention in class.”
Kindness is a big and important theme here at Andrew Lewis. These are just a few of many students that stand out in our school. All three of these students have something in common. Dominic, Mylinn, and Amber Hancock all said that kindness is important because you don’t want people to remember your character and how you treated that person in a negative way. Along with these three students here at Andrew Lewis, we have many kind students. Always remember someone may treat you in a negative way, but what you may not realize is why they are not being kind to you. They may be acting that way because no one has really ever been nice to them. Being kind to someone not only make you feel good but may also help the person you’re showing the act to be kinder as well. Next time you’re in the hallway or in class, or maybe even in Walmart, remember what these students told us. Kindness is important and you want to always be remembered in a positive way.

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Student Spotlight