What’s Your Inspiration?

Rocky Palotas

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     Inspiration to you may be something really big in your life or it may just be something as small as a piece of sand on an island.  But the definition of inspiration is  the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially in a creative way.  Did you know that there are more than 3.1 million teachers in the United States?  Every teacher has a reason to teach, and it may just be because they love the fact that they are in charge.   It may be because they love teaching children something that they might need to know later in their life.  But yes, every teacher teaches for a reason.  So I went out to interview some of the teachers here at ALMS.

     One of our veteran teachers is a teacher named Mrs. Shupe.  Mrs.Shupe is a 7th-grade teacher that teaches Life Science here at Andrew lewis.  She has been teaching here for 23 years.  That’s a long time for a teacher that hasn’t decided to give up.  We asked her, “What inspires you to come to school every day and teach?”  Mrs. Shupe said, “I want to make a difference in the lives of students.  I want to help them become responsible citizens in the future.”  That sounds like a teacher that has dedicated her life to helping students and making sure that they are having fun while she helps.  The next question was,  “Do you think that the subject that you teach will help your students later in life?” She said, “It will help them recognize the uniqueness of nature and appreciate it.  I hope they care for our world through recycling and more!’  Our third question was if teaching was in her blood or if she really just liked it and she said, “Yes, I love teaching! I really like young people, I love to see their excitement when they learn something new! But yes, teaching is just in my blood. My sister, which you guys may know, is Mrs.Vanderpool who also teachers here at Andrew Lewis.” As you can tell teaching is a little bit more than the salary to Mrs.Shupe.  Teaching is her life.

     Another great teacher that’s driven, passionate, and intelligent with his teaching is Mr. Keith.  We asked, “What inspires you to get up and  come to the school to teach every day? And what subject do you teach?”  Mr. Keith said, “I’m inspired by the opportunity to teach, lead and mold my great students on a daily basis. I have also been teaching Civics for the 7th grade for only 3 years.”  Our next question was: “Do you believe that what you teach will help your students later in their life?”  “My students will have a thorough understanding of what it mean to be a motivated, involved, and an informed American Citizen for the future,” he replied.  Mr. Keith is just one of many  teachers that have dedicated their life to teaching us information about the U.S and make it fun.  Mr. Keith then started to explain that his love for history and teenagers along with his family background in education inspired him to teach.  “My mother, grandmother, uncle, my cousin and my god-father all have taught in their life.”

     After having some of these interviews with just two of our amazing that teaches at ALMS that have dedicated their life to teaching,  I hope you have realized how lucky you are to have such great teachers. So thank you to all of those that have spent their life to teach us the right way to spend our life and for teaching us such a great subject.   

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What’s Your Inspiration?