Mr. Gallion Spotlight

Lauren Reedy

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Mr. Gallion is a seventh-grade Civics teacher at Andrew Lewis. He has devoted thirty-three years to teaching history and civics. Over the years he has gone back and forth between these classes. Mr. Gallion has always loved history and kids, so you would think becoming a history teacher would be a no-brainer, but as it turns out Mr. Gallion also thought about becoming a battlefield historian. He says, in the end, he is happy that he choose to teach and he never wishes that he chose a different career.

Mr. Gallion has done quite well in sports, too. He won a state title in high school basketball, a national lacrosse championship with Roanoke College, and a Northwest League baseball championship with the California Angels. He is also an assistant boys basketball coach and head baseball coach for Andrew Lewis. He also is involved with the “Voice of the Wolverines” during football season.

Mr. Gallion has accomplished a lot in his life. He considers one of the most important things that he has done in his life to be helping others. He says the biggest payoff of teaching and helping others whether academically or sports wise is seeing them grown up and seeing how successful they have become.

Mr. Gallion’s favorite hobbies are the reason for a lot of his success. He enjoys study and reading in his spare time. Some of his non-academic hobbies consist of watching football, listening to music, hiking, biking, and watching classic westerns. He loves to learn and continues to grow and expand his knowledge daily.

Mr. Gallion’s teaching method is different from most teachers, but he says that it works for him. He tries to give students independence and also involves technology. He tries while teaching them academically to also teach them life lessons. He believes that kids can learn factual things from the internet, but they can only learn life lessons from those that have experienced it first hand. He has his class set up so students can work at their own pace. Around five years ago Mr. Gallion retired from reenacting for Longstreet’s Corps. And while he was reenacting, he was given the opportunity to command troops during the filming of Gods and Generals. Mr. Gallion also raises over two hundred varieties of hosta, a foliage plant, and is a grandparent. He loves seeing his grandkids as often as he can. He also enjoys raising his hosta in his woodland garden.

Overall, Mr. Gallion is a very successful person who has worked very hard in his life and continues to work hard daily. He helps many students succeed whether in a sport or academically. He has enjoyed his career and has had a very fulfilled life. Mr. Gallion loves helping others and loves seeing the difference he makes in others lives. He is very happy with his life and continues to lead a hard-working and happy life daily.

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Mr. Gallion Spotlight