USA Cheerleading Program


What is the USA Cheerleading Program?

USA Cheer’s member organizations promote safety and provide educational services to benefit cheerleaders and coaches throughout the United States. USA Cheer selects, develops and supports the teams that represent the USA in international competition at the ICU World Cheerleading Championships. The program has a website that has information about their membership, programs, events, safety/education, the national teams, safe sport, their shop, donate, and all about the program. 

The USA cheer staff includes: Lauri Harris the Executive Director, Jim Lord Director of Education and programs, Jessica Chatto Executive assistant & Director of STUNT Operations, Amy Haney Director of STUNT, and lastly Karie Chard who is also a Director of STUNT. The USA Cheer program  is recognized by the USA Olympics. As the national authority for All Star, the USASF strives to establish a fair and safe environment for club cheer and dance across America. They provide opportunities for all member types to advance in All Star through participation in enrichment programs, leadership training and events.  

USASF brings together some 150,000 athletes, coaches, event producers, officials and volunteers to create ways to belong and contribute to All Star. They set the highest standards for all members to ensure all athletes feel welcome and safe where they want to be most. By keeping the well being of athletes at the center of All Star, the USASF fosters a respectful and safe training and performance environment for all participants. Staff 1st equips athletes, parents, coaches and owners with the power to shape, cause action and make All Star a better and safer place for all. USA Cheer recognizes that education and awareness are key to eliminating abuse and misconduct. USA Cheer includes free training in these areas as a requirement for membership and encourages additional training from outside sources.


“I think the USA Cheerleading program is a great program for cheerleaders to be able to do what they love and be around people who also share the same goals. The safety program they have is a really great way to make sure all of their athletes are safe knowing that cheerleading can be a very dangerous sport.”-Baleigh Boynton

Other Facts

Data from the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research shows that cheerleading has experienced a major reduction in injuries since 2010. This is in large part due to additional rules and restrictions, as well as improved coaches training. Research is available that makes it clear that cheerleading is a safe activity for athletes of all ages. If you need additional information, please contact them to discuss safety with an expert. There are at least 4 million cheerleaders in 31 countries.  Currently, cheerleading is one of the most popular activities across the US and around the globe – with over 3 million cheerleaders in the US participating in youth rec, all star, school cheer, and STUNT, and hundreds of thousands worldwide. With the recent recognition by the IOC, there’s no signs of slowing down the growth and interest for cheer!