Virtual Vs. In School Learning

Many students were torn between virtual and in-school learning, they both have their different perks and perspectives. Some students say virtual learning is better because they have more time to do different things like sports, clubs, and other activities. On the other side, some people like in-person learning because they have opportunities to socialize with other students. They also may have personal guidance from teachers. Overall many students are torn between this decision.


Both sides have their pros and cons yet virtual learning helps kids in more ways like

having more free time for sports and other activities. Virtual learning also offers flexibility with parents’ work schedules. Yet on the other hand virtual learning takes away from socializing with others. Unfortunately, it offers opportunities for students to cheat on homework or tests. In conclusion, virtual learning is still a beneficial option to consider for students.

In-school learning is beneficial to students because they have personal instructions from teachers. Studies have shown students that who go to school in person have better overall grades. It is also efficient because parents that work during the day don’t have to worry about their children being alone. Still, students who struggle with personal problems at school may not be comfortable in their environment at school. Following up to that, students may also be anxious and stressed due to the pressure teachers put on them to get their work done. In-person learning is a great option for many students. 


Many people prefer virtual learning better because it provides independence and confidence when learning by themselves. For instance, some students like virtual learning because you can get teaching guidance online, by text, or even a Zoom call. This type of learning is quite helpful for working parents. Virtual learning is beneficial because you can work at your own pace whether it’s faster or slower.


In-person learning may be the option for you if you like having fewer distractions and more opportunities. More opportunities mean more classes you can take in a day and more instruction from teachers. Learning in an in-school setting can be interactive and have fewer distractions. It also encourages students to keep up with their work, unlike virtual learning. Following that, in-school learning can be a positive environment for civil debates and/or disagreements. It also encourages students to ask questions when the teacher is physically there. Lastly, It can provide basic life skills like setting goals, being social with peers, and learning how to cooperate with one another. 


Comparing the two is a great way to see what best fits your needs. For example, virtual learning leaves you more time for other activities, and learning independence. In school, learning provides a healthy learning environment while still letting kids express themselves in many ways. In addition to that, some of those ways include being in clubs, attending sports events, and even school events like pep rallies! So, which kind do YOU prefer?

Question: Do you like in-school learning or virtual learning better? Why?

Denny said he preferred 

in school learning 

better because he can

 socialize with his friends.

Alisha said she liked

 virtual better because 

she liked being at home and having 

freedom to do what she wants.

Teddy said he liked school because he enjoyed

 interacting with his teachers and being able to have 

help whenever he needed it.