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Apple's new iPhone.

Apple's new iPhone.

Apple's new iPhone.

Liam Powell

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     Some awesome new technology has been released recently, and there is more to look forward to.  A lot of big tech events happen in the fall like Apple’s launch event, the surprise Surface Event, the Google event, and more.  Each one unveils a fascinating new product that captures the attention of consumers and critics alike.

Daydream and Pixel

The Daydream is a new VR platform created by Google.  It works with their new Pixel smartphone and support will be added for other Android phones. With VR, you are essentially in a POV TV.  If you move around, your camera moves.  You are immersed in your own little world, where you can game, learn, work, watch, and do so much more.  One of the big problems with Daydream is the fact that it doesn’t support iOS whatsoever. The only Google VR system that works with iPhones is the outdated and flimsy Google Cardboard.  The actual Daydream View headset lets you slip in your phone, close the latch, and play.  It doesn’t have its own screen so it uses the Pixel’s.  It’s soft, covered in fabric, and it only costs $79.  It’s quite similar to Samsung’s own Gear VR but should work with more Android phones. Pixel is Google’s brand new flagship.  It costs $649, the same as an iPhone 7.  However, it isn’t water resistant and the processor isn’t as fast as the iPhone 7.  It does have an AMOLED, unlimited photo storage on the cloud, and more RAM, though.

iPhone 7 and iOS 10

     iPhone 7 is Apple’s brand new iteration of their popular iPhone line.  It has an A10 Fusion processor with unreal performance, no headphone jack (darn!), water resistance, dual cameras on the Plus model for a bokeh effect, a P3 wide-color gamut display, a pressure sensitive home button, and a glossy Jet Black colorway.  Quite a lot of people are confused about what the Fusion means.  As paraphrased from Apple, the A10 has four cores, not 2, like previous iPhones.  2 cores are high-performance, and 2 cores are high-efficiency.  It swaps between cores to maximize battery life and performance.  P3 displays can display more colors than sRGB displays, mainly in the greens and cyans.  If you can see a P3 inside the red image, you have a P3 display! Also, each new iPhone release also comes with a new version of iOS.  iOS 10 was a much-needed update with some cool new features  I got the developer beta right after WWDC 2016, and even though it was ridiculously buggy, I loved it.  They’ve hammered out all the bugs and it’s fast and buttery smooth.  There is 3rd party Siri integration, a new notification design, fancy new iMessage features, a smart home app, and more.  The new iMessage is super fun with simulated effects, integrated apps and games, stickers, and Digital Touch messages, straight from the Apple Watch.

The Future of Windows

    Microsoft has revealed their brand new artistic all-in-one, the Surface Studio, and the Windows Creator’s update.  The Windows 10 Anniversary Update, released in August, brought brand new features like a Bash Ubuntu shell, Windows Ink, and a better Edge.  The Creator’s Update will be out next spring with a new Paint app. There have been leaked beta versions of the Paint app.  It gets a fresh new redesign, new 3D shapes, layering, and more brushes. It already does what it needs to do, but a redesign will make it a nice complement to the Windows 10 experience. People assume that the 3D was added for HoloLens users, but not a lot of people have adopted HoloLens yet.  Microsoft also may unveil a consumer version of their HoloLens at a later date.  The HoloLens is similar to the ill-fated Google Glass, but it is more focused on in-home and industrial use.  It has a camera, a holographic projection system, and eye-tracking sensors.  The price is really steep at $3,000, and the field of view is only about the size of a 15-inch monitor at a normal distance from your face.  It seems really cool, but for it to sell well, Microsoft needs to deal with the FOV and battery life.  Also, it comes with a nice Bluetooth Surface Keyboard.

Nintendo Switch

     With all of these new products being released, there are even more that have been barely teased.  The Nintendo Switch is a prime example.  The Switch is Nintendo’s next console. It’s a tablet that pops into a dock to act as a home console. It has tiny detachable controllers called JoyCons and NVIDIA graphics.  It’s insanely and hilariously hyped.  On Reddit, a proven retail employee revealed some details about the Switch. The box is white and blue and a bit bigger than the Wii U box.  The game output will be in 1080p, while streaming will be in crisp 4K.  The console will be priced at $300.  Nobody knows anything else about the console except the employees at Nintendo.  

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