A New Space Race

Taylor Bolen

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  There are many things going on around us that cannot be seen.  Most people are also unaware and have never heard about these things.  For example, space.  It might sound silly but people really don’t know much about it, if anything.  Think about it, how much do you really know?  It might not be as much as you think, though.  There is always something new happening so it’s hard to keep up sometimes.  However, scientists are always very eager to be finding out new information.

    Space is a complex place in our universe that not many people know much about.  It’s where the beautiful stars that people see at night are and much more!  Thanks to scientists people know quite a bit about space from their discoveries.  Scientists continue to want to learn more and it’s never a dull moment in space or at work for them.  Maybe a scientist is something you are interested in being for a career.  It takes a lot of schoolwork, studying, and curiosity to ask and answer new questions.  

    Did you know that there’s a “Space Race” happening up in space?  Well, there is.  Back in the 1960’s the space race was just an expensive competition between the US and USSR to get to the moon.  Entrepreneurs and private businesses, however, are now getting involved and into the action,  whereas back then it was strictly government and national agencies.  They are exploring planets, colonies, spaceflight, rockets that are reusable, and even asteroid mining.  Today, two American spaceflight agencies, NASA and SpaceX, are quietly competing in space.  The companies are working towards getting to Mars in the year 2018 and 2030, respectively.  However, they will be doing test flights this year.  Scientists always take precaution by testing things first so that no harm comes to the people.  This is why they do test flights first and plenty of them.  

    Many countries are competing for the better title or to be the first to accomplish something.  The big thing used to be who would be first into space but that was already  accomplished.  Now they are trying to go for bigger and better things.  Whether it be the first to get to a new planet or the first to discover what is really out in our universe and space.  In April this year a rocket was launched from Russia carrying satellites.  So, new technologies are still being discovered and tested.  The space programs are improving and advancing in their knowledge and discoveries every day.  There are many people who have no clue about this, though.   People can stay informed about space by reading articles, the newspaper, reading books, watching the news, and much more.  If people haven’t already been keeping updated then there is so much out there to read and be informed about.

     There’s lots to learn about our universe and space.  Whether it be the current Space Race or the new things being explored, there is always something new going on with space.  Therefore, people need to keep reading because the information being put out will never be the same as the day before or even years before.  Take time to learn about space.

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A New Space Race