Should PE be mandatory?

Should PE be mandatory? Many kids struggle with the activities that gym teachers give to them due to obesity, the lack of athleticism, and other issues with their overall health and weight. Many kids will tend to feel embarrassed when they can’t get a high score on the pacer, or when they are the last to get picked for a team. Many overweight kids will get made fun of if they don’t perform as well as the other kids in a game of dodge ball or kickball. However, for many of those kids, gym class is the only physical activity that they participate in. If they weren’t going to gym class, where else would they get the physical exercise that their body needs? That’s why I think PE should be mandatory.

If they were to make PE an option and not mandatory, it will be just another opportunity for lazy kids to skip gym class. If schools were to make PE an option so many students would try and use it as an excuse to get out of gym class even though they are perfectly healthy. Kids who didn’t participate in the gym would also probably still get made fun of because they would be considered too fat, or not strong enough to be in gym class. Another main concern of mine is that a lot of kids use the gym as their only source of exercise. If kids aren’t participating in gym their health problems would honestly just get worse.

Overall all kids should have to participate in the gym because everyone should keep a healthy routine. During this time with the coronavirus, many kids are staying in homes and not getting any exercise. For kids not to be getting daily exercise, they will develop serious health problems that they will have to deal with when they’re older. So in conclusion, daily PE should be mandatory for all kids.