Should Schools Be Out This Long For The Coronavirus


Ring! Ring!” went everyone’s phones as schools called to say Governor Northam has officially cancelled all schools in Virginia for the rest of the year. There are many reasons that students should not be out for the rest of the school year. One reason is it causes stress on parents. Another reason is it puts more work on teachers and school workers. Lastly, all extracurricular activities will be cancelled. These are reasons schools should not be closed.

One reason students should not be out of school for this long is because it causes stress on parents and adults. This causes stress because parents have to find a daycare or a babysitter for their children to go to. Just because there is no school doesn’t mean there is no work. Elementary students can not stay at home all by themselves while their parents go to work. It will also cause parents to have to pay more money to put their child in daycare and buy groceries because they will be eating at home more often and as we see now most items like toilet paper, paper towels, and many food items are out of stock at local stores. Adults could also be in fear of losing their jobs. When school is out towns might start closing down their shops and stores. Some might say just because a school closes for a few months it doesn’t mean the whole town will shut down. However as we are seeing now it looks like towns will shut down. For example downtown in Salem barely any stores are open. This is hurting the economy and people’s personal finances.

Another reason is it makes teachers have to do more work. Teachers already have most of their plans planned out, but with students not attending school they have to make work for them to do at home. Teachers also have to make sure they can contact all their students to make sure they are understanding the material. Not all students have internet connection at home so it makes the school staff have to plan out how they will get internet access to those who don’t have it. A few might say that this is their job, to make sure students are learning no matter the condition. Although, if they already have their plans planned out this will make it harder for all staff and school teachers. 

Lastly, all extracurricular activities will be cancelled. Activities like sports, graduations, and dances as of right now won’t happen. This hurt the sports world as all sports games, March Madness, AAU teams, and school teams are all cancelled. Seniors will never get their special senior night game. Athletes will lose skill because of lack of practice and playing. College and professional players will lose their chances at winning games and tournaments. They will also lose so much money from the games not being broadcasted on live television and fans not attending. Less people would say it’s not about all athletes, it’s about keeping people healthy. However, this coronavirus doesn’t really affect young people. Most athletes that have tested positive said they would have never guessed they had it because they all felt normal and ready to play. For some high school and college athletes this is affecting them by not getting a scholarship or being able to enter the drafts.

There will be no more “Ring, Ring” in the hallways at school this year. No bells ringing, no changing of classes, no phones ringing… this is a different type of school we all have to adapt too.  All extracurricular activities cancelled. Teachers will be planning more. Students will be online more. Parents will arrange for daycare. All in all school is cancelled for the remainder of the school year. This is a different way of learning, we are all living out history and will learn ways to adapt.