Should we have SOL Tests?

Lots of people think that SOL tests are very necessary, and in some cases that may be the truth. But also, there is a lot of stress that is inflicted upon students because of SOL testing. So, is it better to have the tests, or do without them?

In my opinion, I think that it would be best to do without them. Not just because it’s a big long test that most students don’t want to take. Because, there is a lot of stress that is caused by SOL testing, and most or almost all students feel the need to get a good grade. It is the goal to get a good grade, considering it shows the school board and teachers what some students may need to improve on so that they can possibly review it the next year. 

Some students, and even teachers think that the SOL tests are unnecessary because we could grade off of all the previous tests/quizzes and save everyone the stress of the SOL’s.  Though, some students may depend on the SOL to get them a better grade in that class and finish the school year off with a good grade on the SOL test. 

I think that having no SOL’s would be a big change considering they are required from grades 3-12 and students are used to taking them each year. But, I think that having no SOL’s could be a good change, to take the stress and anxiety of SOL testing off of the students, and the teachers. 

So in conclusion, my opinion is that school would be much easier and less stressful if there were no SOL tests.