Is Homework Necessary?

Ever wonder who invented homework? That person is Roberto Nevilis and is the inventor or the first person to introduce homework. His intentions were to punish his students with the added work after a long school day, but throughout many years the work has become very popular where almost every school in the United States uses the practice. Almost all countries are assigning homework as well. Teachers are now using homework for extra work and not for the punishment for students. So the question is, should we stop something in our everyday life that was originally used for punishment? 

First off, homework is one of the highest factors of stress among teens. Many students have after school extracurricular activities such as sports, choirs, music lessons, clubs, jobs, etc. With the seven hours a day school takes up plus after school activities students rarely find enough time to do homework. Some students may become extremely stressed and not get enough sleep due to the hours of homework assigned. In some cases teens may resort to incompletion and cheating. 

Another reason homework is unneeded is that most teachers fail to go over everything regarding the homework and how to do it. When the students don’t know they might resort to parents or friends, but many parents have work and others may not know how to do it. It is this way with other classmates or friends as well leaving the teens no other options. With homework being required many teens don’t work hard or pay attention to their work they hurry to get it done instead.

I asked Mr.Garst, Andrew Lewis’s principal, his opinion on homework and this was his response. “I think homework is beneficial in content areas where additional practice may be necessary to learn the skill that is being taught.  Math, for example, is a content area that typically gives additional practice each night.  Even then, I think it should only be used in cases where it is beneficial for the student to master the given topic. I absolutely understand why some people may say it is unnecessary.  When I was teaching at SHS, I very rarely gave homework.  I felt that students’ time at home could be better spent with family and friends.  If the assignment is given just for the sake of “doing homework”, then it probably is not necessary.I think our teachers do a great job of finding the balance on homework.  Most everyone agrees that hours and hours of homework each night is not necessary.  If students keep in mind that the purpose of homework is to master a specific skill and not to be a punishment, then I believe that it becomes a more manageable task.  A slight shift in mindset can go a long way!”

Some may say that homework improves scores of standardized testing which is a good argument. Although in a small country, Finland they do not have homework and their test scores soar higher than average throughout the world. They also place sixth for their math and science scores world wide. So when it comes to standardized testing is homework actually necessary?