Will our next generation be able to handle the problems we have created?

Have you ever wanted to change the world? Well you can in good ways like inventing new technology, or bad ways like polluting the earth. Either one could have a big impact on our next generation. I believe that there are good and bad things that we have created that can and will change the ways our kids will see and act on earth!

Some good ways humans can help impact the earth is cleaning up trash so our kids don’t have to live in it. Also like I mentioned before, inventing new technology, for example Electric Cars are known to be eco-friendly because they charge instead of use gas.

When we can be doing all these good  things to help change the earth there are also bad things that people do that will change the earth! Things like chop down trees, trees we need to produce the air we need to live. I know we also need trees for everyday things like paper, toilet paper, etc so we can always plant new trees! Another thing a lot of people do that is bad for human health is vape, if people continue to vape it will become a bad example for our children. Also Polluting has been a big problem the world has faced for centuries, so we should start putting our trash in the trash cans where they belong instead of on the ground and water which happens to be the homes of animals. We can even start or volunteer at groups to help clean trash up and make it a safer place for our kids to live in!

If you care about what will happen to your kids and grandkids maybe you can drop the bad habits and pick up some good ones. These habits will definitely help you change the world, IN A GOOD WAY