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     You may have an Apple product, or just a simple flip phone, tablet, computer, or any electronic that you use at home, school, or anywhere that has Wi-Fi! You may have a lot of  apps, bought or non-bought on this electronic that you use for some fun, some work, or some type of tracker. Some people use their apps for homework or work. So, before you go to the math lab or language arts lab, ask any productivity app your question. The principals of all the grades and students in all grades were interviewed on what their favorite apps were.

     In the sixth grade, Olivia Palotas decided that with a focused face, “Musical.ly is my favorite because it’s fun to look at other people’s and to do your own.” If you like singing this could be right up your alley to success! Also in the sixth grade, Dylan Mabbs stated while smiling and laughing with friends, “Snapchat, definitely! You get to switch your face with any type of animal. You can load on your phone backgrounds and different filters.”

     In the seventh grade, Mary Beth Mills said, “I enjoy Google because it gives you answers to questions and it helps with homework.” Having trouble with your homework? Before you try Math Lab, search it on Google! Another seventh grader, Mary Robinson, observed that “Pinterest is the best because you can search any pictures of cats or animals and then it also shows you how to make different crafts and stuff.” If you’re pretty crafty or enjoy working with your hands or if you like the animals of this Earth, you could use this app to make crafts as presents for special holidays for all your friends, family, or loved ones! In the eighth grade, Rebekah Rothkopf suggested, “Riding Horses is the best because you get to ride fake horses in the jungle and the desert and other places.” If you like horses or all the other animals, you should and could try this app!

     Now teachers might have a little less free time than we do with their work and all, but, they still have their favorite apps as the rest of us middle schoolers do. Mr.Garst, the sixth-grade principal proclaimed in the gym that his favorite app was, “Strava. If I take my phone with me when I run, it tracks how much I run. Also, you can post your time. It’s kinda like a Facebook for runners.” For someone who’s interested in running, this could be for you! Then the seventh-grade principal, Dr. Jones, confessed that, like Dylan, he enjoyed social media. “ Twitter is good because you can get instant information and pictures in a matter of seconds, every second!” Almost scary how much all of this social media tracks us everywhere you go! Mrs.Epperly, the eighth-grade principal said that “Google Maps is my personal favorite because I like getting the aerial view. Also, I like spying on people!”  Should we be afraid of our principal? “No,” the eighth graders say. Now, after reading this article, if you are looking for a fun app to play on, a productivity app to get something done, or a social media app to keep in touch with friends, try one of these apps your peers suggested!

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Favorite Apps