90s Toys

Haley Woodward

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Kids in the nineties lived with toys and games that were not on mobile devices. They had to entertain themselves in some other manner. They would have to play with other people for their board games and often used things that were not on the internet.

     One of the many toys of the nineties was the old Game Boy. This was a device that you could put games into and play. You had controls, and you could play it anywhere you want. Everyone in the nineties wanted one of these. You could also connect with friends to play. You had games like Mario and Pokemon. The Game Boy also came out with a new colorful style in the late 90s called the Game Boy Color. This toy then evolved into many other devices, like the DS and Switch.

     Another toy that was popular were Polly Pockets. In the nineties, you would want to collect as many as possible. They were a smaller version of  Barbie. Polly Pockets came with houses and clothes. Then, you could get cars and many other accessories. Polly Pocket came out with mini versions of everything. You had mini houses, people, and cars. Polly Pockets were the highlight of many young girl’s childhoods.

     Cabbage Patch Kids were the staple in every girl’s toybox. These dolls had hard plastic faces and plush bodies. You could dress these dolls, too! Their yarn hair was one of the standout points of the dolls. You could play with their yarn hair. Some of these dolls even came with a certificate of adoption.

     Another fun toy were Slinkies. Slinkies were very flexible and fun to play with. Although, you  would not want to get it twisted! You could buy these toys at the store or at your local arcade. You could get them multicolored or just a plain silver. These entertaining toys are still available in stores. Slinkies are fun for every age group!

     Troll Dolls were very fun to collect and share. These dolls had multi-colored hair and naked bodies. They also had bedazzled belly buttons. Troll dolls were even featured in some movies. These dolls can be found today, as well. The more of these trolls you had, the cooler you were.

     Betty Spahgetty was an entertaining doll that could bend. You could switch her body around and put other body types in place. You could also do this with her hair. They had accessories and many stellar outfits. They had either rubber hair or yarn type hair.

     Pokemon cards was another collective toy. You would find a friend and play each other. You would place the next card in your card stack on the table. Whoever had the higher HP would win that round. There are hundreds of cards that you could have gotten. At the local store, you would beg your mom to pick you up one of the mystery packs.

    In conclusion, the 90s toys were very fun and highly entertaining. Instead of web surfing, you could play with your friends. These toys were collectibles and are rare to find in original form. Some people could argue that these toys are better than the toys that are around today.   






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90s Toys