Nintendo Switch Review

Liam Powell

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     The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s fresh new offering in the console market. Although the $300 cost may be a bit staggering, it’s a great buy if you’re looking for a new console. The dock unit can even make the Switch function as a home console. Game Cards are far smaller than a disc and can’t get scratched! Overall, it’s a fascinating console that may represent the future of gaming.

     The system hardware feels very sturdy and Nintendo-like. It’s meant to take a beating and comes off as elegant and sleek, unlike the Wii U. A rather minimal 32 GB of storage is on the console which is expandable by microSD. Big games can fill up half of your storage space if you download them! Docking is relatively easy and the system simply slips in (although it may get scratched). It actually has a headphone jack (yay!) and the Game Card slot has a cover to prevent dust from clogging the connectors. The USB-C universal connector makes it extremely easy to use other cables, and the touchscreen is smooth and easy to use.

     The Joy-Con are entirely new for the Switch and are detachable controllers with much technology inside. amiibo (NFC figurines and cards) support, a mysterious IR camera, motion controls, and HD Rumble all make an appearance on the Switch. HD Rumble feels like the iPhone 7’s Taptic Engine but with a bit more depth. The joysticks have relatively minimal travel and the buttons are quite small.

     Graphics on the Switch are quite stunning for its form factor. Even though it doesn’t compete very well with the Xbox One and PS4 heavy hitters, the performance for its size is amazing. A custom Nvidia Tegra chip powers this little tablet and the system fan purrs in big games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

     In the real world, gaming on the Switch is a hoot. The eShop may be a bit barren of games, but some of the ones on there are quite good. With the new rule in the school allowing phones at lunch, a Switch party has started at our lunch table. You can play with other people locally even in the tablet forms. Four players can have a blast playing Snipperclips (a new multiplayer puzzler game) but it does get a bit repetitive. Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon 2 will hopefully make this console a great multiplayer contender.

     Many flaws are on the Switch, sadly. Sometimes the Joy-Con desync and are tricky to get back on track. The battery life can simply seem to evaporate away while playing a big game, although the beefy battery does help a bit. Even with these flaws, the Switch is a great console which you should probably hold off of for the library of games to build up and for the glitches to be sorted out. The Switch may revolutionize gaming but it might become a commercial failure. Only time will tell.

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Nintendo Switch Review