Football Wrap-Up

Hope Wimmer

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     The seventh and eighth-grade football teams both had amazing seasons. The eighth-grade team is coached by Brian Hooker, and the seventh-grade team is coached by “Squeaky” Valentine. The eighth-grade team topped off the season with a five-game winning streak. Their record was seven wins and four losses. The seventh-grade team finished up their season with a win. They had a record of nine wins and one loss. The teams both had great seasons, winning the majority of their games. The following paragraphs contain interview questions that we asked Coach Hooker and Coach Valentine about their players and teams.

     When asked if there were any “stand out” players this season, Coach Hooker responded with, “We have a team full of young men who contribute to our success. All of our players have a role on this team.” When we asked Coach Valentine the same question, he responded similarly, “The success of our team depended on the efforts of our team.” What both coaches are getting at is that all players earned a spot on the team. Each and every player contributed to the wins and losses of the teams.

     Next, when asked how they felt about the team as a whole, and why they felt that way. Coach Hooker responded with, “The team improved from the beginning of the season. We won our last five games to finish a quality season.” Coach Valentine replied with, “ I have enjoyed working with this group of young men. They were hard working and very coachable.”

     Then, the coaches were asked which player, in their opinion, improved the most over the course of the season. Coach Hooker replied with, “ There are too many players to name who improved. The team made a tremendous improvement over the over the course of the season.” Coach Valentine stated, “ That would be difficult to say. All of the seventh graders have to make the transition from recreational to school football. They all grew significantly.”

     Coach Hooker wished to add, “ Our job at ALMS is to prepare our players for JV and varsity football at Salem High School. We attempt to play these young men in the positions they will play in high school.” Coach Valentine wanted to state, “ I count it a tremendous privilege to coach at Andrew Lewis. The coaches on our staff are committed to building future Spartans.” He also added, “ The players and parents understand the important role that football plays in the Salem community. This team has the ability to contribute to a successful future for Salem football.”

     As a recap, both ALMS football teams had outstanding seasons winning most of their games. The eighth graders are well prepared for their football journey as Salem Spartans. Coach Hooker and Coach Valentine are both very thankful for the group of young men that they each have coached. They are grateful to have helped these young men during their career as football players. Way to go Andrew Lewis football!

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Football Wrap-Up