Volleyball Wrap-Up

Hope Wimmer

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     The Andrew Lewis Volleyball team had a great season this year. They had a total of 11 wins and 4 losses, also known as an outstanding season! The marvelous group of girls is coached by Nancy Page and Kim Crist. The girls played teams from Clifton Forge, Blacksburg, William Byrd and more.

   Coach Page and Coach Crist were both exceptional coaches. They pushed the team to the best of their abilities and never let the girls back down. They took out of their personal time to coach these young ladies and to plan the practices and lineups for the games. The girls greatly appreciated their coaches.

   Next, we asked Coach Page if there was a player that stood out the most this season, and she responded with,  “I look at each girl individually as to where she began the season and where she ended. I don’t like to compare one to another because everybody joins the team with differing levels of experience. What I look for is coachability, attitude, enthusiasm, drive, etc. When you have a team of young ladies with these qualities, usually the only reason somebody is a starter or not has to do with the levels of experience or confidence.”

    We asked how she felt about the team as a whole, and she replied with, “I have been so proud of the team this year because of how they have all worked together and helped one another.  This group of girls has proven to be dedicated and hard-working and have shown such heart.  We had a rocky start to the season, losing our first three matches in a row.  Although it was hard after those losses, they were determined to get better.  They worked hard to improve and it showed on the court.  After such a start, many teams would give up.  This team didn’t.  That means the world to me.  I admire that fight.  This team makes me feel like a proud mama.” She added that she loved to coach these lovely young ladies.

    Then, we questioned Coach Page about which moment was the most memorable moment this season. Coach Page responded with, “One of our managers struggled to serve the ball over the net overhead. Late in the season, during warm-ups, she finally accomplished her goal. The whole team broke out in applause and yells of congratulations.”. A very great moment, and very memorable.

     Mrs. Page also wished to add, “ I consider that a major part of my role as the coach at middle school is to get the girls ready to play volleyball at the high school level. All I can say is that 11 girls will be headed to the high school next year and the volleyball coach up there is getting some darned-good talent and some amazing girls. I will definitely miss this team. I just want to wish these girls good luck and I look forward to watching them play volleyball at the high school next fall. “

     Coach Page also added this at the end of the interview, “The volleyball team wrapped up their season with a great record.” But no matter the final record, Coach Page was only concerned about how the team continued to improve throughout the season. With this in mind, “it was a very successful season. Every single member of the team greatly improved both their skills and confidence on the court.”

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Volleyball Wrap-Up