Athlete Spotlight

At Andrew Lewis there are many talented athletes. A multitude of students play a variety of sports. Many seventh and eighth grade girls and boys are excellent athletes. Two athletes that stand out are Jayveon Jones and Jaelyn Allen. They work very hard to excel in their sports. They multitask by not only being athletes but also keeping up with school work. They are good examples and leaders to their peers. 

Jaelyn Allen is one of the outstanding athletes. He plays basketball, football, and runs track. In football Jaelyn wears number 26 and plays wide receiver. In basketball Jaelyn played for Andrew Lewis and after the season he got moved up to jv for Salem High School. He also plays for the Virginia Warriors. Jaelyn plays center and wears number 8. His mom got him into playing sports when he was five years old. He enjoys playing sports because he likes being active and playing a multitude of different teams. The teams he plays can be really good or bad but his game never changes either way. He and his teammates work together to win. Jaelyn’s favorite thing about being on a team is the brotherhood and the bonds he creates with his teammates. Jaelyn’s athletic abilities won’t stop here, in middle school. He continues to keep playing and being active throughout his high school career. 

Jayveon Jones is another talented athlete in Andrew Lewis. He has been playing sports for over 9 years of his life. His father got him involved in sports and he hasn’t stopped playing them since. Like Jaelyn, Jayveon plays basketball, football, and runs track. He likes the competition, and enjoys how fun it is. Jayveon played ALMS basketball, Salem High basketball, and continues to play for the Virginia Warriors throughout the summer. He also played football for Andrew Lewis and hopes to continue playing for the high school next year. Out of his three sports, Jayveon’s favorite is football. In football he plays running back and wears number 21. For basketball Jayveon plays shooting guard and forward. He likes to wear number 35 in basketball. He enjoys team sports and creating bonds with all of his teammates. On Jayveon’s teams he plays with all of his friends. Jayveon’s favorite professional teams are the (NBA)Brooklyn Nets and (NFL) Carolina Panthers. 

Jaelyn and Jayveon both can multitask in school and sports. They do a good job with not getting behind on school, but also not getting behind in skill on their teams. These two boys stay busy and active. They both have good work ethics, and have positive attitudes. They are always ready to accept whatever challenge comes at them. Jayveon and Jaelyn are leaders on and off the fields and courts. Both strive to be better and excel in everything they do.