Pet Peeves

Marie Snyder

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At Andrew Lewis, there are many personalities. Every person has something that pushes your buttons. For example, when people close your locker when you’re not done getting things out, when people click their pen repeatedly, when someone interrupts you, or when you hear a noise that makes your back tingle. There are so many pet peeves that annoy people worldwide, but here’s a few.

Jaslyn Harris was not too happy from some of her classmates asking her for answers on the homework. There were a couple of things that annoyed her when these people ask her. She hates it when people tap on her shoulder to get her attention. She also hates when she says no and the classmate does not stop bugging her. She will be trying to tell the person that is not fair to the people that actually did their homework and they will not understand.

Shanya Boyd thinks that is not nice when boys or anyone is being a bully to her or her friends. She thinks that if you are being mean that you are a mean person. Bullies never know how much they can hurt a person. She is nice, funny, and friendly. She wants you not to fuel others people’s fire. She is a very good representative of  ALMS and the city of Salem.

Aya Koonz thinks that the sound of styrofoam rubbing together is horrible. It makes her teeth chatter and her back tingle. Not many things annoy her but this does.

You know how annoying it is when people cheat. Well, Brooke Jackson hates it when people cheat. Not just you look at a couple of answers on some test. When people cheat on other people when you cheat at games and most of all when people cheat on her test that she study all night for and they are doing nothing but using their eyes and not their head. There are many types of cheating like bribery and sneaky cheating (sneaky cheating is when you cheat when someone is not looking and you do something wrong). She hates it all.

Marco Meadozo Ramos hates it when people make fun of his name by calling him Marco Polo. He thinks that it is not nice to call anyone names. If you do call people names you are not very nice and you are counted as a bully. You also are not a very good representative of ALMS and the city of Salem.

Graham Roudebush thinks that his siblings are a pest. Which they usually are. They can be mean they bother you and they make fun of you. They are just as much of a bully than your school bully. So if you have siblings try to be nice and if they are confused just go along with it. Graham, just hold on tight.

Clinton Horn hates it when people call him short. It is not fun for the person that you might be making. It is not polite to judge a person a call them out. So next time you think about making fun of people think a little more about what you are about to say and if it will hurt them or push their buttons.

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Pet Peeves