Craziest Vacation Locations

Lydia Galbreath

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     Summer is coming sooner that you think, and everybody needs a vacation once in while. Why not travel somewhere interesting? There are lots of places other than the beach. From igloos to palm trees. there are some crazy travel destinations all around the world.


  1. Boots and Breakfast– This little hotel in New Zealand is designed as, you guessed it, a giant pair of boots! This interesting location has been around since 2001 and is still getting a lot of attention. You may even call it the modern day version of the little old woman who lived in a shoe.
  2. The Island of Dolls– Known as one of the creepiest places in the world, this island is filled with many types of old and mutilated dolls hung up by a former resident. It is located in Mexico and is a place where tourists come to give offerings to the so called spirits they believe are living inside these dolls.
  3. Jules’ Undersea Lodge– Have you ever wanted to be surrounded by the ocean? Well this place has got you covered, literally. Jules’ lodge, in Key Largo, Florida, is the only undersea hotel in the United States and was created in 1986. Another cool thing about this hotel is that in order to get to one of the two rooms you have to scuba dive.
  4. Alnwick Poison Garden– Located in the Alnwick castle of England, this location is definitely a strange one. It is the home of the poison garden with a large sign on the entrance gate that says “These plants can kill you.”
  5. The Spotted Lake– During the summer in British Columbia, Canada, small mineral pools are left behind during evaporation, causing strange “spots” in the water. Each one is a different color, and although this would be a great tourist location, visitors are asked to not trespass this lake, and only view it from a highway close by.
  6. Cat Island– On this island there are so many cats that they outnumber the humans by a large amount! One of the attractions there is a large cat shrine. The Cat Island is just a quick boat ride away from Japan’s east coast, otherwise known as Tashirojima. The cats were originally put there to eat mice, since mice liked to eat silk, which the island specialized in making.
  7. Plain of Jars– Home to 1000 stone jars, this plateau is 100 miles northeast of Vientiane, in Xieng Khouang. These jars range from a few feet to ten feet tall, and were carved about 200 years ago. Evidence suggests that they might have been used as burial rituals at one point in time.
  8. Panda Inn– Sichuan, China is where you will find this panda themed hotel. You will walk in to find panda furniture, panda art, and even stuffed pandas. If you’re lucky, you may even get to see workers in their panda suits. This 32 room inn is sure to make your trip a blast.

After reading about these strange destinations, you may be in the mood for a vacation. Whether you choose a nice beach or an undersea lodge, you’ll always be somewhere special and have time to relax. Vacationing is always a good time to spend with your family no matter where you go.


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Craziest Vacation Locations