What’s Trending in Spring?

Lydia Galbreath

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     In middle school there always seems to be that one thing that everyone has. Whether it be shoes, jewelry, clothes, or the latest technology, wherever you look you can at least find one person with it. Trends always seem to come and go. Some previous trends have been galaxy vans, justice clothing, peace signs, rainbows, and many more.

     This year one thing that has been very popular are white Converses. Many people around school have been wearing them. This trend started about one and a half years ago, and has continued to grow. There are also many variations of these shoes such as low top, high top, and even different colors. From gray Converse to yellow Converse, the brand is definitely getting a lot of attention.

    Alex and Ani is a jewelry brand that has been exploding in the last couple of years. They are especially known for their charm bangle bracelets. Alex and Ani bracelets have many different designs, some of which include, sport items, birthstones, initials, and other various charms. Their other jewelry is starting to gain attention as well, these include their necklaces, earrings, and rings. Alex and Ani jewelry is eco-friendly and made with lots of love.

     Need a new lunch box? Well, Vera Bradley’s got you covered. Girls are getting these left and right. With all of the different styles they are hard to resist. From the outside they look fairly small, but they surprisingly have a lot of storage. The Vera Bradley brand has been around since 1982, and they are now gaining popularity like crazy. These fashionable lunch boxes are definitely the thing to have!

     Stranger Things is a Netflix produced TV show that everyone of all ages and genders have been raving about. This show follows a young girl named Eleven and four teenage boys. Stranger Things is set in the 1980’s, and starts out when one of the boys goes missing. The rest of season one is about trying to track him down while many strange things happen in the process. The show has had so much acclaim that people are counting down the days until season two comes out on October 31, 2017.

     Although this trend is somewhat dying, the water bottle flip has been a huge occurrence in the past year. So much so that in many schools, including our own (ALMS), students have been banned from flipping any type of bottle. The water bottle flip also branched out to many variations. People have attempted to double flip the bottle and  flip things like highlighters and gluesticks. Recordings of these things have become very popular.

In a couple of years we will probably look back at these trends and reminisce about the past. Whether it be regretting you ever were interested in these things, or wishing they were still a trend. Who knows, maybe in 50 years all of these things will still be popular.

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What’s Trending in Spring?