Do you know what classes you are going to take next year?

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Are you a rising seventh grader or even a rising eighth grader that is having a hard time trying to decide what class to take next year? Well, this is the article for you! Recently Andrew Lewis has added many new elective classes for students to take. All the way from beginning band to Intro to Architecture! Some classes are only half a semester and others are full year depending on what you choose to take! Some classes even have a half of a high school credit or maybe even a full credit! These credits can go towards your high school graduation.

If you are going into seventh grade then you could take the following classes; Band, Chorus, and Photojournalism, these three classes are all full year. If you are not interested in any of those classes then some of these classes might catch your eye! Teen Living, Keyboarding, Computer Solutions, Technology Systems I, Inventions and Innovations, Introduction to Painting, Introduction to Drawing, Make it your Business, and Exploring World Languages 7. All of those classes are only half semester classes, so you could choose to take two of those. All of those courses are free for anyone to take except for photojournalism. To be able to take the Photojournalism class you must fill out an application and write an essay to show your writing skills and then be accepted into that class.

If you will be going into eighth grade you will have even more classes to choose from! You can choose from the following; Chorus 8, Concert Band 8, Symphonic Band 8, French 1, Spanish 1, German 1, Chinese 1, Chinese 2, and Photojournalism 8 & Desktop Publishing. Those nine classes are full year and all of them either have a half of credit or full credit! Now for the semester classes, you have eleven different classes to choose from. Child Development & Parenting, Exploring Foods, Computer Applications, Design, Multimedia & Web Technologies, Imaging Technology (Photography), Intro to Manufacturing Systems, Intro to Engineering, Intro to Architecture, Art Foundations, Drama, and Keyboarding 8.

You probably don’t know what all the classes are or what they expect of students so you can either go to the Andrew Lewis website and look at detailed versions of all the classes or simply just keep reading this article to find out about a few of these classes! If you are interested in make it your business then you will design, establish and operate a small-group or class business, producing a service or product that meets and identifies the school or community needs! Now if that is not the class for you then you might like technology! In the technology class, students will learn basic concepts and hands-on experience in thirteen different areas of technology. These areas include engineering towers, research and design, electronics, engineering bridges, computer graphics and animation, rocketry, and space technology, robotics, energy, power, and mechanics, flight technology, energy, power & mechanics, applied physics, practical skills, audio broadcasting, and digital video. Through problem-solving, project building, computer application and career exploration, students gain valuable information and practical experience pertaining to the technological world in which we live. That’s only two out of many classes you can choose from but if you want to know more about other classes then you can go to the registration guide on the ALMS website!

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Do you know what classes you are going to take next year?