Popsockets- How and Why?

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When you think of a PopSocket, the first thing you think is probably, “phone.” But if you ask one of the 100+ employees of the crazy successful company, that’s not what they would say.

From tiny toy stores in North Carolina to Amazon, PopSockets are being sold everywhere. These, “little life changers” have done just that for millions of people worldwide. Believe it or not, PopSockets have changed people’s life in ways you would probably never guess.

PopSockets have tons of different uses. You can have one to hold your phone or have two to wrap earbuds around. You can even put two so you can clip your phone to the side of your computer or laptop. For more ideas on how to use your PopSocket(s), you can watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3z2Y4-YUlg

It turns out, Popsockets were created by accident. Although, looking throughout history, some of the best inventions to date have been by accident. The Slinky, Post-it notes, potato chips, etc. But PopSockets may be the best one by far. Before the wildly popular design we know as a PopSocket was created, there were iButtons. David Barnett, the founder of PopSockets, is a philosophy professor. But one day in 2011, he was just a normal human being when all he wanted was un-tangled earbuds. After some work with a few buttons and some super glue, the first PopSocket was created. Little did David know that he had a million dollar invention on his hands- or his phone.

Today, PopSockets come in every design you could even imagine, from plain white to Harry Potter designs. You can even create your own if they don’t have what you’re looking for. Almost everyone has or has had a PopSocket at this point, maybe even three or four. Some people think PopSockets are just for or aimed more towards women. Yes, maybe they are a little bit. But there are plenty of men who have them. If men do have PopSockets, they most of the time just have plain colored ones. But there are surely men who use the design PopSockets.

The company made a very surprising discovery when someone with a disease known as Parkinson’s disease reached out to the company. They said that PopSockets have changed their life for the better. Parkinson’s disease can cause uncontrollable muscle movements, which can cause people with this disease to drop their phone a lot. For this person, having a PopSocket made daily life with Parkinson’s easier. Being able to text, call, show someone something on your phone without having the fear that your phone will fall to the ground and break at any given moment was relieving.

“Having a PopSocket makes things easier.” says Nama Poulos. “I can set up my phone and watch YouTube or Netflix on it.” Audrey Stamper states that having a PopSocket prevented her from dropping her phone as often.

“I like how when I am laying on my back watching videos,” says Zoe Blair, “my phone doesn’t fall on my face.”

In conclusion, PopSockets are far more than just an accessory for your phone.  For some people, a PopSocket makes daily life easier. But for other people, a PopSocket is just an easier way to hold your device, store earbuds, or anything else you use your PopSocket for.

All information for this article was found at https://www.popsockets.com/

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Popsockets- How and Why?