Rising To The Top

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It’s pretty clear most people’s goal in school is to make good grades, maybe even the honor roll. Although it may seem tough in times, making the honor roll obviously takes some hard work. Yet at the end of the semester it will definitely be worth it. For certain kids, making all A’s is a piece of cake. For others it can be a struggle to maintain a C average. Below you will find some tips listed to help you improve your grades, and if you stick with them you will definitely see a difference.

The first tip is to not put off studying until the night before a test. Even the brightest students find themselves doing it at one time or another. It is scientifically proven, that 15-30 minutes of studying a day will help you more than if you cram all the information in on one night. But, this task is easier said than done. Sometimes things get in the way of any extra studying, like sports, family events, hanging out with friends, or you have so much written homework that you don’t even want to think of studying. Other times, laziness just kicks in. Although, if you continue to study a little bit each night, you will find that you are less stressed and your test grades will improve too.

Tip number two might seem obvious, but it’s to take advantage of your resources! Now that the entire school has Chromebooks this will be a lot easier than before, especially if you didn’t have access to a computer or the internet at home. There are many websites out there to help with your studying and memorization. A popular favorite is an app and website called Quizlet. With the application you can study anything you want with flashcards and other fun games. A great website/app for learning a foreign language specifically is Duolingo. It provides pictures, and explanations with each new word, and it even talks you through it! But, one of the best resources is actually non-computer, and that is the math and English lab. If you ever need help with homework, or you don’t understand the material you can drop by one of the labs before school and let a teacher help you out. Many students use it quite often and would agree it is insanely helpful. If you need help with another subject, the teacher of that subject would most likely be happy to help you before or after class.

The third and final tip is to really just have some motivation. It’s clear to see that for many students, school isn’t their favorite thing in the world. But, there is nothing we can do about it. So, if you are going to have to spend seven plus hours there, you might as well give it your all and go out with a bang. Because if you don’t make school a priority and make terrible grades you will regret it later in life. Just know that if you really try your absolute hardest, you will have good results and you will be thankful that you did.

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Rising To The Top