A Tropical Trip to Remember

Nama Poulos, Contributor

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Everyone loves traveling right? Well, a group of students along with Mrs. Painter and Mrs. Chan will be doing a lot of traveling during Spring Break 2019. The group of has planned a 10 day long trip to Costa Rica. While traveling with EF Tours the students will journey around the country, try different foods, learn about different customs, and of course, participate in outdoor activities.

So why is it so important to travel? Traveling is so exciting for everyone because it allows them to open their eyes to new traditions and cultures. By opening their eyes to new experience, travelers get to see amazing things that most people would never see in their local communities. Stepping out of their comfort zone and facing fears, learning, and trying new things are all things that allow people to grow and expand their knowledge. Not only is visiting new places a wonderful experience for the travelers but it actually teaches them something too. The group will surely have tons of fun in a totally new environment.

Although amazing, being in a brand new place can be nerve-wracking, especially if you have no grasp of directions there. That is why the group has appointed a very trustworthy tour guide from the large company, EF Tours. The company has traveled along with Mrs. Painter’s previous groups to various countries in the past. Tour guides are a vital part of any trip because they have even more of an extended knowledge of the place than most locals. They can direct safety procedures, translate, show the best places, provide facts and interesting information, all while guiding groups around. The company promises safety and experience, educational impact, dedicated support, and low prices- all things great for students.

A trip as long as this takes a lot of preparation and discussion. The group meets about once a month with parents and students to discuss funding, packing, and activities they may want to try. Each student has been given a packing list as a guideline to follow when packing. In the next meeting, they plan to bring suitcases packed to go over everything and make adjustments. Mrs. Painter has a lot of experience in visiting Costa Rica so it is very helpful to the families whenever they have a question or concern. She often goes over regulations details and plans.

All of this, but what’s the plan? Well, the group will visit a new area about each day or so. In each area, they will do a new unique activity and tour the area, including both fun and learning. The group will visit the Arenal region after arriving. Other exciting activities the travelers have planned later in the trip include viewing an active volcano, taking a canopy adventure above a scenic rainforest, river rafting, kayaking, and even visiting two different beaches, along with much more. Another activity they will have the privilege of being involved in is a local folklore night where they will participate in local tradition and culture. The activity will include a traditional, tasty Costa Rican feast, followed by dancing, marimba music, and entertainment. The trip will also involve lots of hiking and exploring the beautiful nature of the country. The students say they are extremely excited about everything, especially adventuring.  The group also plans to visit the La Founta waterfall.

With just over four months until the trip, the group is excited and ready for a new adventure. They will try new things, face fears, meet new people, and explore; all while learning. While other students visit family and celebrate spring break, the Costa Rica travelers will be venturing through the rainforest. You can get involved in school trips through language classes, teachers, or even just being on your best behavior during school. If you are interested in going on a trip like this keep a lookout for posters or flyers around school about upcoming trips!

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