Taylor Davis: Student of the Week

Brooke Bowers, Contributor

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Taylor Davis is a very involved 7th-grade student at Andrew Lewis.  She is a part of many clubs and activities including FCA, SCA, and library helpers. Taylor is a very kind student who strives to be kind to not only her friends and teachers but also everyone around her. Taylor said kindness is key and is very important in her daily life. When asked why kindness was so important she said “Every person in this school is going through something different and might need a friend,” she encourages everyone to be kind all day every day.

Taylor has recently won wolverine of the week for her kindness and helpfulness throughout the school. She said, “…wolverine of the week is just a recognition of my good work, but it does not mean anything if I stop trying hard to do good things.” Taylor believes her actions influence fellow students and your behavior does too. Taylor thinks that if everyone pitches in and helps out, our school will not only be a better place to go to school but a stronger community.

Outside of school Taylor enjoys basketball, reading, golf, and baking. Taylor loves being in the library here at Andrew Lewis. She spends a lot of her time there helping and reading. She says it’s her one of her happy places and she can always be herself there.

Taylor is an inventive student. She is going to be taking make it your business in the second semester and hopes to be very successful. Taylor believes if she is successful it will put her on the right path for future success. Taylor has big hopes for the future. Taylor is very passionate about golf and baking. Her dreams for the future are to become a professional golfer and own her very own bakery.

Overall Taylor is a very involved student. She is always spreading kindness. Taylor is a role model for everyone and helps make Andrew Lewis a better place.

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