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Austin Frantz, Contributor

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          There are a variety of  Andrew Lewis clubs you can join for free! Do you have spare time or have nothing to do? Well, stop watching TV and come and have fun before or after school. Want to learn a language? You can take Spanish, French, German, or Chinese! And Guess what? You can stop by at 7:45 and play Chess! If you don’t know how to play, they will teach you. Participating in these activities shows school spirit, and you get to meet a variety of kids. Are you interested in participating in community service? You can join the Garden Club,  help with the Food Pantry, or join FCA. If you are interested or need information, you can contact the people listed below using the teachers’ E-mail addresses found on the ALMS website. Don’t forget to show school spirit and get involved!


              Here is a list of all the activities you can join or stop by for free:


                               8th-grade sponsor: Eva O’Hare

                               Spanish: Esteban Martinez

                               French: Marsha Taylor

                               German: Beth Vanderpool

                               Chinese: Amanda Chan

                               Chess Club: Judith Painter

                               Bridge Builders: Wendy Shupe

                               Girls Who Code: Sara Gerrol and Sonya Preston

                               Girls on the Run: Jamie Garst

                               Let Me Run (boys): Randall Sell and Bob Palleria

                               Garden Club: Jamie Garst

                               Food Pantry: Melissa Loving

                               Math Counts: Matt Dunham

                               Life Tech: Heather Dudley and Sara Gerrol

                               FCA: Sara Gerrol

                               Robotics: Andy Poush

                               Book Club: Lauren Mabry


  Fun Fact: Did you know that chess is good for you because it helps you be creative and problem-solve? Well, chess activates the right side and the left side of your brain which helps you react quicker. Chess also improves your memory and reading skills.

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